Happy Earth Day!

It’s my favorite holiday by far! It’s the one day a year I get to be quirky and resourceful and … ME!

I’ve been planning for our Earth Day activities for a few weeks now and it has come down to this:

1. Plant flowers.

2. Eat vegetarian.

3. Put up bird feeders. (and a hummingbird feeder in the front)

4. Make windchimes from clay pots.

5. Pick up trash at our local park.

I’m a sucker for picking up trash. It’s one of my favorite extracurricular activities. In fact, Carly’s man wowed me on race day a few weeks back. We were waiting for the start, stretching, meandering…when he casually picked up a plastic soda ring, broke the rings, then threw it into the trash. All the while talking about hockey. Then he mumbled, stupid liter bugs (or something to that extent) and moved on. I stopped and said, “Welp, you’re good enough for me, you’re good enough for Carly!” I have a new respect for Ben. Oh, and he also looks forward to when I plan on ‘making’ him give blood again. Apparently he has magical, special blood that he is happy to give away. May 11th buddy.

We then proceeded to pick up trash along the river until the start of the race. Others were jumping and jogging in place or stretching inappropriately – I mean, c’mon, I understand that if you’re a guy, you’ve got balls, but must they hang out while you’re laying on your back, having your running partner stretch you out? Not so much. Oh, and thanks BEN for making me LOOK. I still have nightmares.

So when Luca goes to nap here in a few, Claire and I are going to plant the pretty flowers that she picked out. Then we’re going to paint our clay pots for wind chimes. I have to run back to the store to get rope because of course, we don’t have any left (naughty!) and something heavy in the hardware department to make a nice clang sound on the clay pot…decisions, decisions.


Side note: please do something good for the Earth today. And if you smoke, please DON’T EVER throw your butt out of the window or I will hunt you down and toss YOUR BUTT out the window.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. God, I HATE the butt-tossers. It’s just so piggish. Even worse is when people pull out their car ashtrays and empty them in a parking lot. It’s like “Hey, I don’t want this foul stuff in my car, let me just empty it out here so that everyone can get nauseated.”

    Y’know, I should invent a little metal tin designed for smokers to put their butts in, kinda like the baggies people use when they clean up after their dogs.

    • Cassie or Carly

      You’d make millions! Or you could make them eat it. You know, like people do to their kids after they get caught chewing snuff.

  2. I think it goes without saying that we expect photos of these clay-pot windchimes.

    And possibly a tutorial?

    • Cassie or Carly

      I shall post photos later, no worries! We just finished them and I’m in the process of stabbing myself with needles making a baby blanket.

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