adventures in bella-sitting

I now have a new appreciation for my dog. I complain about Sadie-dog a lot, and I’ll continue to do so, because it’s in my nature, but wow. Sadie is a really, really good dog.

My neighbors up the street were going on vacation and needed someone to watch their Yorkie, Bella. Being the good person I am, I said, “Sure, no problem!” And it really isn’t a problem, since it will be over tomorrow. But this is coming from someone who just cat-sat for a week and didn’t have a single problem because cats are … well … cats. Low maintenance.

Bella is cute. I mean, she is adorable to the max. But she’s a little dog. And in my 25 years, I have never known a little dog to be completely house trained. You can tell me that your friend’s cousin’s dog was a little yippie dog and was perfect, but I’ll say bullshit.

I texted Gloria, asking her how often she takes Bella outside. She writes back, I take her out every hour so she doesn’t have an accident. Um, yah. Right. With all my free time. (Nevermind that I’m writing a blog.) See, Sadie goes out anywhere from 3-6 times in a day. That’s it. In the morning, in the afternoon and before bed. If it’s nice out and we’re outside, then she’s out there with us. But that’s it. None of this every hour deal.

Sadie: 1 Bella: 0

Also, Bella has a leash. What’s a leash?


1. a chain, strap, etc., for controlling or leading a dog or other animal; lead

Ooooh. Thanks! Yah, so Sadie doesn’t use one. I honestly don’t even know where hers is…same goes for her collar. We took that off when Claire was a baby because Sadie had a knack of going into her room, shaking her head around and making all kinds of noise, thus waking up the difficult to get back to sleep Claire.
Sadie listens relatively well. She doesn’t run out into the street and stays nearby, sniffing at the tree line.
Sadie: 2 Bella: 0
Bella had two poop accidents. However, they were on the linoleum. Sadie would ALWAYS choose carpet when she wanted to poop or vomit in the house. ALWAYS. And it’s not these little wee poops like Bella’s.
Sadie: 2 Bella: 1
Bella has to be kept in a crate when we’re not in the house. She also sleeps in it at night. When the kids woke up during the night, Bella growled. What does Sadie do? Turn her head more and snore louder. That’s my girl.
Sadie: 3 Bella: 1
Sadie has this loud, deep, intimidating bark. Bella’s is shrill and catches me off guard. It made me miss Luca’s mouth completely during dinner, having him end up with squash on his forehead. However, there is something to be said about little yippie dogs. They master the yip sound. It may not be intimidating, but it’s effective.
Sadie: 4 Bella: 2 (Yah, they both got points on this one.)
Luca enjoys crawling into Sadie-dog’s bed and generally attack her. Sadie gives me a look of annoyance and then gets out of her bed and waits not so patiently for him to get out. When Luca gets near Bella she nips at him, playfully, I’m going to assume, but I then have to pick up the 5 pound dog and chuck her back away from him. That’s annoying. Fun, but annoying.
Sadie: 5 Bella: 2
So with that, Sadie and I have grown a little closer during this bella-sitting adventure. I’ll still continue to complain about her but deep down we all know she’s a good dog.

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  1. Sadie sounds like a winner, scoreboard or otherwise.

    (I have very little patience for little dogs.)

    • Cassie or Carly

      I say little dogs are only good for punting. I have refrained on Bella, though. She’s generally well-tempered and puts up with the kids.

  2. By the way, Cassie, I name-dropped you in my current post…

  3. I love Chihuahua and all (even though she’s an overgrown, undisciplined, spiteful, conniving little rat), but you’re absolutely right when you say little dogs are almost impossible to house-train.

    I will probably always have small-ish dogs (I’m a little bit afraid of most large dogs), and the next one I get is going to the creme de la creme of obedience schools. If they can’t house-break it, no one can.

    Re. the shrieking bark that drives me half out of my G.D. mind: Yes, it is the most annoying thing in the universe. Nails on a chalkboard are preferable. But it is the best burglar alarm EVER – no one gets anywhere near our house without Chihuahua going apeshit and being all, “HOLY CRAP WEEZ BEIN INVADED WEEZ ALL GONNA DIE SAVE YOURSELVES SAVE YOURSELVES CHIHUAHUA BARK SOME MOAR THEN GO HIDE.”

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