Flat Cassie returns

Remember Flat Cassie? Welp, she’s baaaaack! My coworker Chuck alerted me to such going ons:

Now, let the record state that I probably knew about this. However, they told me this right after they told me I won. I knew about the photo by the library. I knew about the possiblity of being on the tv screens in the cafeteria. But I don’t remember being told about screen savers.

Let me give you an idea how much my sorry mug is being flashed about, shall I?

First of all there are computers at every nurse’s station in the hospital. There’s probably 18 per regular unit, with there being 6 regular units. Also there’s the ICU, IMC, and 3B that is step down telemetry. So let’s just say that’s about 100 computers. Then there’s one in every patient room. We are a 200 some bed hospital. So that’s a lot more. Then there’s the ER, radiology, CT, MRI, Oncology, Cardiology, GI lab, Surgery…you get the point. Let’s just say this. My face is all over the damned place … everywhere. Obviously, I’m not exaggerating. (Even though this is categorized as over-dramatic.)

The photo…oh the photo. I’m clearly not photogenic. Plus the really super nice lady who took it was standing above me, so we get the down shadow and the effect that I’m either a hunch back or extremely broad shouldered.

I’m thinking people are going to look at me thinking, she’s not that bad looking…what an unflattering photo. Proof being:

Now. Please know, I’m not looking for sympathy. I am so super proud of myself for winning such an awesome award. I just…meh. I feel…meh. You know? I just don’t look like I feel like I look. And if it’s going to be everywhere… I guess I’m not making sense. I’ll just post the damn thing. Here’s what my Mom took with her blackberry:

Please don’t think of me as ungrateful for what I’ve written. I just had to get it out. Like I said, I’m so proud of myself, of my accomplishment. I just wish I looked like I felt. That’s all. Make sense?

Probably not. Thanks for listening, though.

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. They should have had you pose with a tiara and cape.

  2. When my eggs finally self-fertilize thanks to YOUR BLATANT MANIPULATION OF MY HORMONES (see: video of Luca dancing and video of Claire hiccuping), I want Flat Cassie in the delivery room with me.

    Actually, I would prefer 3-D Cassie, seeing as how she’s the one with the mad nursing skillz and all (see: fancy-pants award bulletin featuring Flat Cassie). But I bet a plane ticket’s cheaper for Flat Cassie, and Flat Cassie’s probably a shitty babysitter.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Well 3D Cassie will have to make a visit sometime. And it’s true, flat Cassie really is a shitty babysitter. I can make sure, though, that you have a flat Cassie in the delivery room. Preferably one I approve of.

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