it must be stanley cup playoffs season

Matt has a rule: he only eats cookies if the Pens win during the playoffs.

Too bad for him I made super-duper-delicious-outdid-myself-they’re-so-freaking-fantastic buttermilk chocolate chip cookies! (By the way, wasn’t that a sweet goal by Gonchar? I love him, by the way. I’d seriously have his babies if it weren’t for the fact that I’d lose my girlish figure…AGAIN.)

So today was my first day at work with ‘the photo’ everywhere. Here’s how it went down.

1. I walked up to the nurses’s station and a few of the girls said, “Hey, it’s the real Cassie! I see you everywhere! Congrats!”

2. “So who is this Cassie girl? And how is it that she deserves such an award? I see her everywhere.” says one of my favorite doctors within obvious earshot of me. I then answer, “Smartass.”

3. While talking with a doctor at the nurse’s station he stops mid-sentence and says, “Hey you’re on the computer.” I then hit the keyboard, making the screensaver go away and respond, “Not anymore!”

4. Sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch, I glance over to my left, towards the TV screen and there I am. I then put my hand up covering it from my sight and said, “Oh…oh God, there I am.” Shannon then laughs at me and says, “Wow! You’re there and you’re here! It’s amazing!”

5. People would look at me randomly, then look back again as if they’re thinking she looks SO familiar! (It’s almost like I’m propaganda or a subliminal message.)

6. Lots and lots of heart-felt congrats that made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The photo made me all forgetful today. It got me all off my mojo. I’d go to the nurse’s station to get something, someone would say, “Hey, I saw your photo…” then I’d forget what I went there for. My poor patient waited an hour for water… (Which of course is my own damn fault.)

I can’t say I didn’t expect this, and it feels really good…deserving almost. Yet I still am having a hard time getting used to it and over it, so to say. What a cool accomplishment! By the end of my shift, it was actually pretty cool to see my photo and I felt super proud of myself. (As I should, yah, yah, yah. I know.)

In other news, Matt is home and it feels AWESOME. Holy hell did I miss him. He came in the house and immediately went to work with the kids, throwing them around. Claire was yelling, “I’m-a jack Daddy up!” It was fun to watch. Plus I got a break!

I also got to order new scrubs. Since having both the kids and working out 5 days a week, it’s amazing what happens to one’s body. I actually shrunk! Not in height, but in width. That’s pretty fun. I, for the first time in 4 years, ordered fun, print tops. I’m so super excited for it to come in the mail! And seriously, but since when am I a size small? Amazing.

The Pittsburgh Marathon is on Sunday. Next year I’m organizing a relay team for a charity of some sort. I’m thinking of making it the St. Margaret’s Foundation Bed Fund. I have an friend from my old job at TGI Fridays running it for her second year. I’m super excited for her. So everyone, let’s wish Shannon luck!!!

GOOD LUCK, SHANNON! Kick some ass!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. The Pens are giving the Habs a lesson on how to forecheck. And on how to beat a shot-blocking team on the power play.

    Watching them work on Halak reminded me of Rocky working on Mr. T in Rocky III…

    Gonch bomb… “Aint so bad…”
    Staal from the slot… “Ain’t so bad…”
    Tanger from walks up the middle… “Ain’t so bad…”
    Craig Freakin’ Adams… “Ain’t so bad…”

  2. “You ain’t nothin! Now take your ass on outta here, and bring me Carey Price.”

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