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I LOVE Wikipedia. I even made up a rap about it. Sometimes I just free-style to it. Wiki-wiki-wiki-pedia! WIKIPEDIA!

So today’s random article is about Goat Island and lucky for y’all, I have a great story about it!

When I was 13 or 14? (site needed…he he) we took a family trip to Niagara Falls. It was the first time I had ever been there so Mom made sure we saw everything there was to see. We went on the Maid of the Mist, the Spanish Aerocar over the whirlpool, toured Clifton Hill and all it’s weirdness…and Goat Island.

For those of you who haven’t been there, Goat Island is on the New York side of the falls. It’s basically the piece of land that separates the American Falls from the Canadian Falls. It is so cool, because you can walk the foot trails and go from one island to the next called the Three Sisters Islands. At the very end of the final island, you get a spectacular view of the falls. I mean, really up close and personal. If I remember correctly, it looked to be only about 20 feet from where the falls go over.

Now, I say that, knowing now, that I didn’t have to find out personally. See, I, Cassie, almost went over the falls.

Perhaps, it wasn’t that dramatic…but here’s what I remember:

We (Mom, Larry, Carly and I) were touring the island. I was, of course, forging ahead of the pack, as per usual. Always in search of some tame adventure. Earlier in the day, when we were on the Ontario side, I was watching the water go over the edge, wondering how deep, fast and cold the water was. Here, on the island, I could at least find out one of the things: the temperature of the water. When we got to the beach of the island, most tourists stayed distant…knowing….smart. Me? Not so much. I wanted to feel it. So I stepped forward, ignoring my Mother saying, “Cassandre Louise, you better be careful…” (Yah, I know, Louise…really?) Careful should be my middle name.

So I stooped down to grab a rock and feel the water when I slipped…

And an middle-aged man grabbed me by the back of my shirt and told me to be careful.

The rest is a little fuzzy. However, for a split second, I had visions of going over the falls and falling into the river below. And that alone scared the bejesus out of me. My greatest fear in life? Deep water where you can’t see the bottom. Even 20 foot chlorinated pools would scare me. So the falling over the falls wouldn’t scare me nearly as much as being in the water, waiting for the Maid of the Mist to come save me…or worse. I think the fear alone would kill me.

(Side story: when I was in 3rd grade or something, I was boating with a friend on the Clarion River. My friend was tubing and I was to stand watch for when she’d let go or fall off. Apparently I wasn’t the greatest of lookouts, because she fell off somewhere near the Piney Dam and when we went back looking for her, we didn’t find her right away. The currents were tugging her under and she was petrified. As was I. Ever since then, I’ve been deathly afraid of deep water. Especially when you can’t see the bottom. I just can’t do it.)

So that’s my story of how I came close to really getting to know the Niagara Falls. I’m sure my Mom will tell the story differently…

Oh, and for the record, the water was cold.


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  1. LOL, I grew up water-skiing on the Allegheny River and all it took was my dad showing me what a Walleye looked like. After that, I tell ya, I can stand up on skis faster than anyone I know. And I do my best not to wipe out. I don’t like deep water you can’t see through because I’m afraid of fish with teeth – ocean or river, it doesn’t matter.
    I was very proud of myself when we took the girls to Myrtle Beach before Louie was born. Maddie and I were boogie boarding and out of nowhere, these little fish started jumping out of the water like crazy. It was cool to watch for a bit, until I realized that they were jumping because there were bigger fish chasing them. Now, I make it a point not to instill my fears in my children, so I kept my mouth shut and my heart rate under control, watched for a few more minutes, then told Maddie we were out of there. All I could picture was if there were bigger fish chasing the little ones, there had to be fish bigger than that around. I remember seeing “Jaws” at an early age and it left an impression on me, and not in a good way.
    Oh and P.S. because I spent so much time on the river, I can tell you that Iron City Beer tastes exactly like river water. And that’s not a good thing. :o)

  2. I got nervous just reading this! I went to the Falls a few years ago and kept having visions of me getting stuck in the churning waters beneath the falls.

    Also, growing up I was scared of the deep end of my grandparents’ pool because I was convinced a giant purple octopus lived down there and was just waiting to nab one of my legs with his big scary arms!

  3. Anything titled “Random Article” is sure to get my attention. Every one of my articles is random. That said, remind me not to ask you to stand watch over me.

  4. Okay. I have the same exact fear. Mine comes from almost drowning in my best friend Gidget’s pool when I was about 8 years old. Even though I could see the bottom, I slipped and couldn’t swim very well. Gidget pulled me out of the water and I was fine, but ever since then, I’m not a big fan of deep water. Even when I’d take the boat out on Ossawinnamakee with my friends to the island with the rope swing, I’d use a seat cushion to float around on, and, yes, I also thought of icky fish nibbling on my toes. And the rope swing – ah, yeah, I’d do it, but I was really petrified. It combined not only my fear of deep water, but of heights out in the open.

    Oh, and the wiki-wiki-wikipedia? Do you pretend you’re scratching on a turntable when you say it? Hahaha! I do! I don’t have a love affair with Wikipedia because I don’t consider it a reliable source for research. My students think they can use it, but au contraire… It’s fine fine for personal use, but that’s about it, IMHO.

  5. I love saying Chattanooga. Say it with me, “Chat-a-NOO-ga!” So fun.

  6. I’m glad other people are afraid of water as adults too. No one ever admits to it!

    • Cassie or Carly

      Afraid is one thing. I’d go with petrified. For example: driving off a bridge not nearly as falling into the water. I always have visions of falling in when driving over one. I drive over a lot … living in the city of bridges an all.

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