What annoys me and such

1. People who call, make conversation, ask questions, then when I’m answering them, cut me off, act like I talk to much (which, yes, I do, but not when I’m only answering questions!) and hang up.

2. After reading Bachelor Girl’s blog about high school nostalgia, it got me to thinking. High school annoyed me. Gosh that felt good to say. It annoyed me. Too much to really expand on in this particular blog. But just know that. It annoyed me.

3. Matt’s pedometer. He works a desk job for a really awesome company, but it’s a desk job. So, in an effort to promote healthy living, the big boss started a competition against all the offices throughout the US by supplying them with pedometers to wear for a week straight. Which ever office has the most steps, wins. So what does Matt do? He marches around the living room while watching the Pens game (BY THE WAY, AWESOME GOAL MALKIN!!!) and makes me nervous.

4. The wind. Yes, I know that seems a little broad, but if you lived where I do, then you’d understand. Our house is on a hill and for some reason the way the field in the back is shaped, it seems to make a wind tunnel that directly hits our house. So much so, that our trash cans are constantly in the neighbor’s yard, our deck umbrella flew into the trees and broke, and I constantly eat sand from the sandbox.

5. If you’re bleeding…isn’t that a penalty?!? Cooke, I’m SO on your side on that one, buddy.

6. The name Cathy. Why? Because it’s what everyone seems to think I say my name is when I answer the phone at work. It’s so bad that our secretary’s, named Cathy, family will call and think I’m her. No disrespect to Cathy, but she’s a grandmother. I am 25. You’d think there’d be a voice difference. Plus, you know, I’m not her. If anyone has suggestions of how I should pronounce my name, I’d greatly appreciate it. If not, I’ll just start going by Cass. Hell half the population calls me that, anyways. (Side note: when I was a waitress at TGI Friday’s, I went by Cat. That name never got f’ed up.)

7. My dog didn’t snore last night. So I tossed and turned. You’d think her snoring would annoy me? Nope. It’s white noise. Right now she’s snoring. I’m starting to get heavy-lidded. Damn you, Sadie-dog.

8. Not really annoying, but, well, it won’t get out of my head. Speechless by Lady Gaga. I just love it. I can’t explain it. I think it’s because she writes all her own songs…but, yah. I love that song.

Now for what doesn’t annoy me:

1. Luca’s birthday is coming up. We can’t decide on whether to get a Firetruck cake or a hockey cake. Plus, we can’t decide if we want it to say, “Happy 1st Birthday, Luca,” or “Happy 1st Birthday, Luca-Man.” I’m hoping for the Luca-Man. I mean, Matt sings, “Luca-Man, Luca-Man, does whatever a Luca-Man can!” (In the tune of Spider-Man.)

2. Fleury, Talbot, Crosby, Orpik, Gonch, Eaton, TK, Malkin, Dupuis, Letang, Kunitz, Cooke, Adams…need I go on?

3. I finally updated my “About Cassie” page, since the photo of Claire was a little dated. Both the ones of Luca are, but I don’t really care. Corporate Luca wants results!

4. Carly. She is now a Master of all that is history! Or something like that. I’m so proud, I even drew a picture for her:

Oh, and NO she’s NOT a doctor. She’s got her Master’s DEGREE. I know, I know. It’s technically a M.A. but this is coming from a person who doesn’t have that, let alone a bachelor’s degree. What do I know?

So everyone, “For she’s a jolly good lady, for she’s a jolly good lady, for she’s a jolly good LAAAADYYYYYY! She’s finally got her Master’s DEGREE!”


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh heck yeah high school bugged the crap out of you. As for Luca’s birthday, why hockey? Why a fire truck? The boy loves to dance! I say put Beyonce on the cake 😉

    Finally, maybe you need to be insist on being called Sassy Cass or your full name, Cassandre. Or Cassie Louise No No. That would work. It would be a bitch to fit on a name tag, but there would be no more mistaking you for Cathy.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Hmm…Well Sassy Cass would be a little weird, Cassandre gets me Cassandra and Cassie Louise would get me kicked in the pants. OK, not kicked in the pants, but you know. My name tag does say, “Cassandre Louise Conti.” That’s pretty impressive. Could you imagine if my last name was Hagebakken?

  2. I’m with you on all but Lady Ga-GA. Even the name makes me think of a hairball in the throat. -And speaking of names, you and I share the same middle name. I never knew that before.

  3. Flat Cassie?

    How ’bout The Flower tonight? Who needs regular season shutouts? He’ll pitch his in the playoffs!

    Ya think Carly may celebrate by writing something here once in a while? (but congrats never the less)

  4. 1. Thanks for the publicity, CASSIE!



    2. I vote for a hockey cake and Luca-Man.

    3. Congrats, Carly! You sure are smart!

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