Attention all you so called hockey fans at the game at the soon to be imploded Melon Arena…

Question for you. How much did you spend on your ticket? A lot? I’m sure. Now, answer me this: why are you sitting there? Why? This is round 2, game 5… and you’re not doing anything. Fleur-dog made an amazing save, and six people stood up to cheer. Six.

Furthermore, if you are the woman sitting behind Dan Bylsma…KNITTING…what looks like a condom…really? Go the hell home.

Lastly, Matt’s going to game 6 in Montreal. I’m going to assume he’ll be on TV. So be watching. He will be wearing my baby blue Malkin jersey and being belligerent and proud. Not anywhere near what the Pens fans are showing now.

As Matt just said, “Don’t worry, guys, let the music do the cheering for you.”


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  1. I mean this when I say, I wish I could be watching this. Larry is giving me a play-by-play on the updates on It’s a sad sad day when people who WANT to see the game (and believe me, I’d stand up) can’t because they have REGULAR television.

  2. Cassie, my dear blogging friend,
    You have to cut Knitting Lady a break. She is a huge hockey fan, and she knits to calm her nerves during the game. She is just as into the game as anyone else there.

    How do I know this? Well, Ginny at ThatsChurch posted an interview with her during the Ottawa series. Also, I know her husband, who works with me here in Baltimore. They’re good people, and make an 8 hour round trip drive each time to get there to support the Pens, work nights included.

    I can see how one could draw the conclusion that she’s not interested, but it’s just not true.

    As for people not cheering the Flower tonight, I have nothing further to add. He was outstanding tonight, as was the whole damned team. Two goal from the blue line? Unbelievable.

    • Cassie or Carly

      This is Carly, and oooooooh, Cassie just got called out! I love it! She’s in bed and won’t read this until morning. She needs to get called out every now and again. Thanks Bluz!

    • Cassie or Carly

      OK, here’s how I feel about that. That’s cool an all, and I’m sure she’s a great person. But last night’s crowd was so lack luster and most of us who don’t know about her, it’s just plain annoying. I’m sorry. I really can’t apologize. I’m sure she’s a huge fan, bigger than me. I have no problems with that. And if knitting calms your nerves, fine. It’s your nitche in life and she’ll be remembered as the knitting lady. Good for her. I’ll be known as the woman who just doesn’t get it.

      It almost reminds me of when you go to the art museum and you see one of those paintings that people say they could do in like two minutes and then I get yelled at by Artists who “understand the movement and passion…” after I say, “Really? He makes thousands for this ???” Same thing. I just don’t get it.

      They’ve got dedication and I’m sure happy for that. Lord knows we love dedication. But I just. don’t. get. it.

      • Cassie or Carly

        OK, now after thinking it over, good for her. I mean, really. 8 hours round trip? For the Pens? That’s beyond dedication. If she wants to sleep during the game, I’ll say, “You go, girl!”

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