the world is going to end like terminator 3

That’s what my husband said. It all started last night during 24, when a commercial for Ford vehicles came on, showing how you can have your car parallel park for you.

Of course, I had something to say about that.

Me: “What the hell is this? You really think a car can parallel park itself? What happened to the days when we parallel parked our own cars. You know…using our skills?”

Matt: “Skills, huh?”

Me: “It’s the principle of the thing. We’re relying too much on computers these days. Who’s to say that this Ford parallel parking thing isn’t going to pull a Toyota and all of a sudden the wheel is moving on it’s own while going down the highway going 75.”

Matt: “You know what? Forget the Mayans. I think the end of the world is going to come like Terminator 3. Rise of the computers.”

Me: “Very likely…very likely indeed.”

24 came back on, so we ended that conversation.

Then, this morning, Mom sends me an e-mail with a CBS video link on it:

At first, I thought: I already knew about this stuff. I hardly EVER copy anything. I think I should be safe.

But then I thought: Holy shit. That doesn’t mean OTHER people aren’t copying my personal stuff. Plus having been in the military…my records are everywhere!

So I began to wonder why people don’t care more about ensuring that the copy machine’s hard drive is erased daily. Personally, I don’t care if people got a hold of my medical records. Sure, I’d feel violated, but if you really want to know about my medical history, just ask. Gosh.

But what if people got a hold of my military records? EVERYTHING about me is in those. I mean everything. Social security number, all previous residences (because of the FBI search, so all 20 or so are there), my finger prints, my real father’s information, my mother’s information…everything. And that’s scary.

Talk about feeling violated.


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  1. Time to start collecting canned goods and prepare that cellar. Meanwhile, your car is making copies of your license and registration.

  2. I’m totally with you on the parallel parking. I think it’s creepy that cars can do that. And if they can do that, what else can they be taught to do?

    I’m thinking 2001: A Space Odyssey.” Someday, when I punch an address into my GPS, my car is going to say–in that detatched HAL voice–“I’m sorry, Dave, but we won’t be going there.”

    Then, my car will start driving me away as I scream, “But my name isn’t Dave!”

  3. Well, the ending of T3 was the only good part, so that might not be so bad.

    I had no idea copiers kept their info. Someone could be looking into the history of my butt as we speak.

  4. Being, as I am, a terrible parallel parker, this technology appeals to me in a way. But I think I’m too much of a control freak to ever let my car park itself.

    That probably reveals more about me psychologically than my medical records EVER could.

  5. It’s better than that ill-thought out Ford commercial with Mike Rowe (swoon) where he said, “Why Ford? Why not?” That made me laugh so hard every time it came on. Like, we can’t come up with a single reason for you to buy a Ford.

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