how you like me now?

I was painting (yes…AGAIN) the trim around the front windows this morning while Luca napped. I had my computer inside against the windows blasting (but not obnoxiously) my favorite tunes.
So there I am, on a 10 foot ladder…shaking my ass. Now, I’m not the queen of coordination, but I am somewhat balanced. Still, I was impressed, that is, until I fell into the bush.
But no worries, no worries. I landed as graceful as a chick in mismatched paint clothes, too small flip flops and an ’80 style headband could. My neighbors must think I’m a nut.
What was on my playlist, you ask? Well here you go!
1. Bad Romance: Lady Gaga
2. How You Like Me Now: The Heavy
3. Roxanne: The Police
4. Unfold: Jason Mraz (Live)
5. London Bridges: Fergie
6. Gimme Shelter: The Rolling Stones
7. Mercy: Duffy
8. Planet Claire: B-52’s
9. Let It Ride: BTO
10. My Sharona: The Knack
11. Girlfriend: Matthew Sweet
12. Best of You: Foo Fighters
13. Let it Be Me: Ray LaMontagne

How you like me now!?

So the music list is a little eclectic. But that’s how I like it.

Lastly, here’s Sophia’s birthday present. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would…

Lastly, I made Luca a new door sign. His temporary one was made out of cardboard and was pretty sad looking. The picture on it can be interchangeable. This is the one I happened to have laying around.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. The visual of you falling into the bush made me die out laughing. After trying to climb a fence and busting my ass, and then running up and down the street in hysterics with a squeakie toy looking for Leela, I know all my nosy retired neighbors think I’m crazy.

    I love the door hanger! What a cute idea.

    • Cassie or Carly

      You should have seen what I was wearing! A brown American Eagle tee, grey maternity shorts rolled up at the waist so they wouldn’t keep falling down, my sister’s (who wears a size 7, where I wear a 10) brown flip flops, and a head band about 2 inches thick to keep the sun out of my eyes. I was, however, wearing my Jackie-O sunglasses, so it make me feel somewhat hot. Too bad I was painting the front of the house, not the back…

  2. Where’s the guy with the video camera when yøu need him?

  3. Love your playlist, especially How you like me now, although I can’t get the picture of the sock monkey jet skiing out of my head.
    I think we may have the same stylist – I am fashion backwards when I’m at home and working.
    When you run out of stuff to paint, come on over – Louie’s room is Maddie Purple still, which doesn’t really go with his Vehicles Curtains.

  4. You have terrific taste in music and crafts!

    The gift you made for Sophia is tres adorable! Can we get a tutorial?

    • Cassie or Carly

      BG, it’s SO super simple. I got these 3×2 1/4″ thick wooden plaques for 99c at Michaels. I picked out the paper I wanted to use, which, in my mind I thought paisley and stripes would do fine, and I also chose a color for the letters to be painted on. You can’t tell in the photo, but the black is a rough vinyl type paper. Tres cool and tres shiny. I painted the letters on each square, cut them into circles, glued them on the other paper and VOILA! You have yourself something cute and crafty and made with love. You can buy stencils if you don’t trust yourself with a paint brush for the letters, too, but I find stenciling to be too cumbersome and I tend to screw it up. So this was much easier for me. When it’s all done, you can decopage it to seal it, but I’m not going to so I don’t loose the sparklyness of the lettering. (I used my fancy acrylics for this.) All in all, it took about 2 hours.

  5. I actually RECOGNIZED 8 out of the 10 songs! Woohoo! I raised you well 🙂 Hope you have no aftershocks from the fall tomorrow, i.e. stiffness. And what the heck are you doing wearing flip flops on a ladder?? Maybe I didn’t raise you so well.

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