why is this even an issue?

Quick vote. (This was on CNN.com, not Foxnews.com. Obviously.) What is the need for this to be a quick vote? Why is this even an issue?

I was in the Army for approximately 3 years. During that time, I served in the 298th Transportation Company in Franklin, PA. I was one of five females. That’s it. Five. But there were about 60 males.

Was that a big issue? Not so much. Did I get sexually harassed often? In a playful manner, yes. Was it anything that I would have told my CO about? Nope. I could take care of myself. The Army taught me that.

It wasn’t often discussed, but occasionally the topic of gays in the military would come up. A lot of the guys would joke about how it’d be weird having a gay guy next to them in a foxhole, but then I reminded them that we didn’t serve in foxholes anymore. We, personally, served in trucks. With a lot of space. Perfect for the homophobe in the military.

I mean, seriously. In a humvee, there’s at least 4 feet between the driver and passenger.

But wait! Then there’s the sleeping situation. Holy crap! Someone could totally catch the gay. Don’t sneeze!

Wait, what? Being a homosexual isn’t contagious? Do US lawmakers know this?

So what’s the debate? That gay men and women aren’t tough enough? That gays aren’t patriotic enough? That gays can’t shoot a gun? That gays are going to come on to the heterosexual soldier during down time?

For the heterosexual out there that is against gays in the military, tell me why. I’d love to hear why. Because I’m so confused.

For the homophobics out there, have you ever met a gay person before? You’d be amazed at how many homosexuals are ‘normal’ every day human beings just like heterosexuals. Not all gay men are ‘flaming’ or ‘flamboyant’ or drag queens. Not all gay women are butch. It’s just not that way. And for those that are, who cares?

And how does this affect your every day life? Will it change your life if there are openly gay men and women in the military? Why should they have to hide their sexual orientation? Why don’t heterosexuals?

Here’s what I do know:

1. Being gay isn’t contagious.

2. Sleeping in close proximity to someone isn’t going to make you gay if you’re sleeping near someone who is.

3. When you’re sleeping, it’s highly unlikely that a gay man or woman will sit there and stare at you, thinking naughty thoughts. You’re not that great.

4. Did I mention that being near someone who is homosexual won’t make you gay by association.

5. Being gay does not make you less patriotic than Ted Testosterone.

So to sum it up…

Why is this even an issue?!?

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  1. 100% agreement here, but I doubt that’s a surprise. I think more veterans like you should be coming out on this issue. (Wait, not THAT kind of coming out.)

    I think a lot of the opposition to this issue comes from people that don’t actually know anyone that’s gay, and the only information they get on gays is from the annual Pride marches in San Francisco or NY, or from Will and Grace.

    There’s also the Bible issue interwoven here and people’s selective interpretations thereof.

    But like you said, this shouldn’t be an issue any more. There are already gays in the military. Why kick out a soldier that’s doing his job, from an service that’s scratching for able bodies?

    • Cassie or Carly

      Get my Mom going on the bible issues. She studied theology and can point out all kinds of ways the Bible is misused for ‘anti-gays’. It’s sick.

  2. Ha! I love number 3 – yep, you are just not that great. LOL!


    P.S. Thank you for serving our country. You rock!

  4. As the Onion put it: “America’s Gays Too Precious To Risk In Battle”

  5. As Jesus said about homosexuals, “……….(cricket, cricket)”

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