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I refer to this as ‘the blog’ and my other blog as the ‘health blog.’ As if this blog isn’t healthy! Look at all the fine upstanding citizens who read this blog! They love their American beer, tatertot hotdish and fries on top of their salads!

Oh, who are we kidding. It’s SO hard to be healthy 24/7. I had a relapse. I wanted a cookie in the worst kind of way. And it wasn’t a normal Cassie cookie, NO. It was a Carly cookie. She makes them the way cookies are supposed to be made. It’s the full fat, real eggs, no flax seed, lock your daughters up kind of cookie. And I wanted one.

I walked past it a few times, doing this, doing that, straightening up, working hard…bullshit. I was eyeing the prize. Thinking of all the ways I could enjoy the cookie.

Eat an apple. You like apples.

Shut up, man! You’re ruining it all!!!

How about some Craisins, then? They have both fruit and added sugar! Best of both worlds.

Dude. Really?

I put the kids down for naps, grabbed my book and started to read. Five minutes later, I promptly grabbed a cookie, ate it and that was that. Then my Mom’s voice started nagging in my head…How will you feel five minutes after you eat that? And damnit if she was right. I felt horrible. I still feel horrible. I felt like I all of a sudden gained 50 pounds on my stomach. Am I crazy? Yes. But it’s also amazing what the human mind can do to a woman on the edge.

So I can say that here, on Sisters from Different Misters. Because I can. Because it’s my blog and I rule the world. OK, not really, but you guys’ll understand! I can hear Bluz now:

Dear Cassie, It’s just a friggin’ cookie. At least it wasn’t 50 cookies and you’ll inevitably go to the gym and run it off. Let it go.

And I’ll say, You’re right, Bluz. Thank you from the voice of reason.

Where was I going with this blog today? It sort of turned into a rant of mass proportions. Sorry about that.

So new point: I have another blog. It’s about healthy stuff. Clearly this one is not. But today I did discuss cloth diapers. I’m sure Bluz, Carpetbagger and The Guys are TOTALLY all about that stuff, right?!?

Next blog will be about something manly. For sure.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. What Bluz said or would probably say is EXACTLY what I would say, too. I had ice cream today and don’t feel guilty because I work my ASS off!! So don’t feel bad, eat your cookie with a clear conscience and most of all, ENJOY it. You won’t go to hell for it. Promise.

  2. Everything in moderation. ONE cookie will not a muffintop make. :o)

  3. That’s the beauty of your blog, Cassie… I don’t even have to leave a comment; it’s already baked right in.

    Of course you can have a cookie. Give your conscience 5 minutes off and enjoy a bit of life. Hell, the worry alone will burn off the calories.

  4. Cassie. I totally respect and appreciate the fact that you consider your health and maintaining a healthy weight with the seriousness they deserve.


    If I felt guilty every time I ate something fattening, I would sink into such a shame-spiral that I would’ve already committed suicide.

    Oh, and on that same note, my Facebook status update from just a few seconds ago:

    “HA HA. So, like, I’m really hungry today, right? And I ate all the food in my lunchbox well before noon (don’t judge me). But I just looked in my bag and saw that I still have a banana and some cherries, and you would’ve thought I found a pair of pink-feathered Jimmy Choos in there. P.S. My coworkers think I am INSANE.”

    • Cassie or Carly

      I know. I don’t freak out over everything. It was just this time inparticular that just made me feel so… blech.

  5. Life’s too short to not enjoy a cookie now and then. Don’t forget that. Ever. Love you.

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