Stormy night

Tonight was date night for me and the boyfriend. We went to the “big city” of Butler (population: not that many) to see SNL’s MacGruber. Umm, seriously freaking hilariously vulgar movie! At one point I loudly snorted from laughing so hard, which of course only caused me to laugh even harder. Yeah, I was “that girl” during the movie, the one who wouldn’t shut up and couldn’t stop giggling. And had there been more than four people in the theater, I most definitely would’ve been shushed. Anywho, on the way home, which is about fifteen miles through rural nothingness, we were caught in a HUGE thunderstorm. Usually, thunderstorms and I get along great. They’re quick and powerful and I enjoy them from the comfort of my own home. Tonight, however, Mother Nature caught me in the middle of nowhere, leaving me to feel incredibly vulnerable and terrified. It wasn’t so much the heavy rain that spooked me, but the lightning. It was non-stop cloud to ground streaky lightning that wouldn’t let up. Every five seconds the sky looked like it was on fire, which means every five seconds I curled myself into a tighter, shaking ball of fear while Ben drove. You’d think a former mid-western girl like me would have thicker skin when it comes to storms, but in truth, I’m just a big baby. I’ve seen what tornadoes can do, driven through blinding snow, and been stranded in a flash flood, but there’s something about lighting that makes me want to duck and cover like I’m preparing for nuclear holocaust. About five miles from home, I made Ben pull into a gas station to wait for the rain to slow down. In reality, I just wanted to be near other people so I didn’t feel so isolated. Plus, my odds of getting struck by lightning were significantly decreased. At least that’s how I justified it all in my head.
Anyway, I feel better now that I’m home and sharing my traumatic experience with you all. And I’m really glad I didn’t pee my pants when I was in the car. That would’ve made for an entirely different blog…

Anyone else share my intense fear of lightning or other weather-related phenomena?


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  1. I enjoy the lightning storms… from the comfort of home that is, especially once I have everything unplugged.

    But tornados? They scare the crap out of me. And they keep turning up in recurring nightmares where I can’t get away from them.

    • True story, when I was 7 or 8 and my Mom was about to graduate from College, her and my aunt were smashed. I’m talking blitzed…and we were under heavy tornado warnings…*this is in MN, by the way* I was so scared, so I called my Grandpa from the bathtub.

      • Cassie or Carly

        Ooooh, I remember that. I was too busy laughing my ass off at them to worry about that storm. Smart girl going into the bathtub I must say!

  2. It is God’s revenge for your Ikea thievery. TOLD YOU!

  3. Like you, I enjoy a good storm–thunder, snow, whatever. Last night, we were stuck at PNC Park and all I could see were steel girders, metal light stands, metal scoreboard, etc. Even though we were dry in the main concourse, it still felt a bit exposed. We had parked downtown and didn’t feel like walking across the iron bridge, either.

    Always thought it was strange that Pittsburgh hasn’t had many thunderstorms in the 5 years I’ve been here. Chicago used to get several each summer, along with several tornado warnings. Here, we tend to get mostly just gray drizzles. Was beginning to think that the mountains kept them away. But I guess they can come here.

    • A good thunderstorm in W. PA is what makes living here worth it…that’s just me, though. I can say that knowing that my dog doesn’t freak out and the kids are OK with them…for now!

      And Carly really isn’t a baby…well, not a BIG baby.

      • Cassie or Carly

        When I was living in Pittsburgh, I was always disappointed at the lack of thunderstorms. Now that I’m about an hour north of the city, they seem much more common. Like I said, as long as I’m not caught in the middle of it, I’m just fine! 🙂

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