car shopping woes

OK, so we’re not physically shopping, it’s more or less we’re looking online.

Matt drives a Volkswagen Jetta GLI sport turbo. It’s a lotta words for a car, if you ask me. And totally not practical for having kids.

We had talked about getting rid of it for a long time and swapping out my Jeep for his main vehicle and I get a larger SUV of some sort for the brood. I’m telling you, with me, Matt, two kids in car seats and Sadie-dog…it gets cramped.

Just yesterday, I took the kids and Sadie-dog to my Mom’s house for the day. I didn’t need to bring much, just a diaper bag, clothes bag (because they inevitably get dirty), the pack ‘n play for Luca’s napping and of course the kids and dog. But once I got everything in there, it was a little¬†claustrophobic.

So here’s where we run into an issue. I want a bigger vehicle without putting a giant hole in the ozone or my wallet. Hybrid large SUVs are rare and I am still a little afraid to even think about getting a Toyota.

I’m tossing around the idea of a Kia Borrego or Honda Pilot. They got really good reviews in Consumer Report, plus their gas mileage isn’t all that terrible…

AHHH! I HATE car shopping. I’ve been to Bobby Rahal,,,…I’m SO over it already.



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  1. How do you feel about Chevy? there’s the Traverse, Acadia… though I don’t know if they’re offered in Hybrid…

    • Cassie or Carly

      See, I’m on the fence about buying new. We bought our Jeep new and when we drove it off the lot, it depreciated by A LOT of money. You pay a lot just to drive it out! So that’s why I’m looking at 2009’s or 2010’s that have been used. Plus, they’re now trying to sell 2011’s (which I’ve NEVER understood…It’s 2010 last time I checked) so we’re hoping to find a deal. Although the Acadia did look nice.

  2. This car doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve heard it’s surprisingly roomy. Definitely a good car for the environment (it runs on pistachio pudding).

    • Cassie or Carly

      HA! I SO needed that laugh today. It almost reminds me of the Mini Cooper I had. It fit me, my husband and half the dog.

  3. I love my Jetta!!!

    My mom got an Acura (that I would have never thought about looking at) and it’s a ton of fun to drive! And it’s not too big of an SUV.

    Blue Knob??

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