It’s official. Today was kick-ass!

Today was one of those days that restored my faith in humanity. Everyone I encountered was kind and helpful and just overall pleasant. First, this morning, Ben and I took Miss Claire and Luca-man to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. I mean, who doesn’t want to start their day listening to ferocious lions roar and watch hungry gorillas eat a breakfast of broccoli, lettuce, grapefruit, and apples? Because we were there first thing in the morning (actually the second family in line for our tickets), we got to enjoy the whole zoo virtually alone. This made me super happy because I generally don’t like other people’s kids, especially in mass quantity. Claire and Luca were (or course) little angels. Here are some photos:  

Scary lion!


Grinning in anticipation!

The deer tried to eat Luca

After I was done with the day’s nanny-ing duties, Ben and I went to Trader Joe’s. Usually this is a daunting task because the store and parking lot are too small and millions of people shop there. But I was in desperate need of veggie broth so we braved the journey. Wouldn’t you know, the place was virtually empty! I could actually look at all the different products in the aisles without being trampled by soccer moms and hippies. Plus the guy who checked our groceries out was super adorable and genuinely nice. 



When we finally got back to my apartment I found a nice note on my door from my neighbor, thanking Ben and I for rescuing his cats a few days ago. We didn’t really “rescue” them, but we did find them wandering aimlessly around in front of his apartment. Apparently they had knocked the window screen out and jumped outside. However, once they were outside, they had no idea what to do next, so they just looked generally confused. Ben and I shoved them back in through the window and closed it, leaving a note on the dude’s door, because in all honesty, we didn’t know if the cats belonged to this guy or not. So anyway, that was nice to get a thank you note back.  


Throughout the day, I noticed other pleasantries and random acts of kindness. On the interstate, a group of ladies were stopped with a flat tire and a nice man in a cement truck had stopped to change it. People held doors for others, strangers were ready with a smile, and no one cut me off in traffic. It’s unfortunate that days like this are so rare, but maybe that makes us appreciate them all the more.  


Did everyone else have a nice day today?


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  1. I wish I had a day as nice as yours! I’m glad the universe cooperated for you today, and, you’re right, those days are way too far and few between.

    That lion is amazing, but I love the pic of my darling great niece and nephew!

  2. My day was just like yours, except I had to work all day, then come home and drink.

    Nothing has ever made me feel quite as insignificant as when I was nearby once when a lion roared. Made me feel puny, and very thankful for the fences.

    Why did the gorillas have to eat broccoli? Do the zookeepers not like them?

    I once went to a petting zoo, but I got kicked out when they caught me at it.

    I know I hate it when I come home and my place is filled with strange cats I didn’t know I had.

    Thank you and goodnight!

    • Cassie or Carly

      Well, for the record, the gorillas weren’t actually eating the broccoli. Or any vegetable for that matter! I’m thinking they’re much more closely related to humans than I thought!

  3. Adorable photo of the kiddos! And my day was extremely nice too…. Though that may have just been the sushi and opportunity to see the Goo Gop Dolls and drool over their front man! 😉

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