Meh. It’s all I’ve got.

1. Super duper congrats to Kelly AKA Bachelor Girl AKA BG AKA AWESOME ‘POSSOM on her recent engagement to The Guy. I’m so super jazzed about it. I almost peed my pants with excitement today. Ah, young love! (By the way, I so made up that last nickname. I’m going with it.)

2. I’m happy to say as of right now all systems are go with baby #3, however, based on the past few days, this kid is going to dig me an early grave. It’s not even got a little beating heart yet and already I can tell it’s going to be just like me. I blame this on my Mom. She threatened me with: “I hope you have 10 kids and they all are just like you!” “Ooooh.” I’d say. I was really shaking in my boots. Not. Now I’m scared shitless.

3. Is there any dog more pathetic than my own? Really. I mean, long story short, she was a hopeless, beat down, scabbed over, 25 pounds underweight mutt when we found her at the Humane Society 5 years ago. She was beaten so badly that you could actually read newsprint on her nose from when she was beat. She had belt marks on her back. You could see every darn rib, and I swear, if you looked closely enough, you could see hear heart beating in her chest. Now? She’s 5 pounds overweight, spoiled rotten, still scared of her own shadow, mutt. We built on our deck, creating a second level and stairs to go to the ground. (Instead of relying on levitation. It was getting old showing off those amazing skills, you know.) So what does Matt do every morning? He opens the deck door and whistles for Sadie-dog to go outside to pee. What does Sadie do every morning? She goes out to the deck, looks confused, then scared, then meanders her way back to her dog bed. What does Cassie do every morning? I open the front door and Sadie saunters out all nonchalant and takes a pee on the front lawn. Spoiled!

4. Carly officially got her diploma in the mail. I suppose this means she is now qualified to go out there and take the world of history by storm. I say she should teach. She’s so damn smart and the boys’d pay attention, that’s for damn sure. Matt thinks she should go back to Staples, because that’s what you do with a history degree. But apparently our opinions mean nothing. (Mainly Matt’s.) Who knows where she’ll end up…c’mon Carnegie Museums! Offer an awesome job. Perhaps they could make it a BOGO. Hire one Masters in History and get a Ben, FREE!

5. The kids and I went to Matt’s softball game after the gym. It is always so fun to watch him play. He really gets into it, as does the rest of the team. I mean, he’s out there diving, rolling in the grass, hitting his hand off his glove when he botches a play, swearing like a sailor and sliding into second. It’s so much fun. And Claire is the best. She’s his #1 fan, for sure. Tonight’s cheer? “Go Daddy, go! Throw that ball! Don’t get hurt! Slide into fourth base!”

6. I’m still debating whether I should still do the 10K in September or if I should downgrade myself to a 5K. My doc said it’s OK as long as I’m OK with it. Plus I won’t have a huge belly by then. She told me that one of her OB patients ran the half marathon in May when she was 6 months along. I’ll only be 4. Eh. We’ll see.

7. I should take a vote for this new baby’s name. And before you ask, no, I don’t find out the gender of any of my babies. It’s so worth it, too. I just have to be armed with a name for both genders. Quick side note – when I was in labor with Luca, my TV was on and it had the Blackhawk/Red Wing game and the following day was to be the game 4 series winner Pens vs Hurricanes. Before I started pushing, Matt looked at me all serious and said, “You sure you don’t want to name the baby Geno if it’s a boy?”

We are Pens fans, baby.


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  1. NO on Geno.

    Um, I love the BOGO idea. Hilarious. Museums, unfortunately, are NOT where it’s at in this economy. Non-profits suffer even more than regular businesses. I say teach, Ms. Carly Rae Bouwman, M.A. Check those community colleges and state colleges for lecturer positions. You could always jump back into school for that PhD in case you don’t find something…just sayin’ 😉

    • Cassie or Carly

      This next one could be a Geno. Just you wait! (Actually, that name is off the table….especially after we gave Luca an Italian name and he came out all Scandinavian…)

  2. Your dog sounds so much like my Bonnie dog! Especially this part, “She’s 5 pounds overweight, spoiled rotten, still scared of her own shadow..”

    Within the first few days of bringing her home, our neighbors got a new roof put on. The noise and scary men on a roof looming over her sent her over the edge and we had to do everything from coax to drag her outside to pee. Then we had to stand out there with here or she would just stare at the door until we let her in, then she would run in and pee in the house. We’ve gradually gotten her over that… mostly.

    And how brave to wait and find out the sex when the baby is born! I’ve thought about doing that one day, but I think I may be too impatient!

    • Cassie or Carly

      Wow. Yah, your dog sounds a lot like Sadie-dog. Dogs…

      I always tell people to do it. Screw being prepared. Plus, for me, when I wait, that means there’s no set name and I don’t think you can name a baby you’ve never seen before. Otherwise Claire would be Noelle.

  3. Thanks for the sweet shout-out, Cassie! I, for one, am so excited about Baby Numero Tres that you’d think *I* was pregnant, the way I’ve been going on about it to The Guy and, well, everyone else who comes into contact with me on a daily basis.

    (Seriously. Ask Jessica the Web Mistress.)

    I am super impressed that you don’t find out the baby’s sex until it’s born. It’s like opening a present!

    (OK, maybe “opening a present” is a bad analogy when it comes to childbirth, but you get the idea.)

    • Cassie or Carly

      Well, my child birthing is very simple, actually. I’ve been lucky so far. It’s really easy not finding out. It is just fun to make guesses and just not know!

      But yes, I’m still super excited about all of our good news! GOOD NEWS ALL AROUND!

  4. I would TOTALLY have to know, as I’m all about the preparation. I don’t like uncertainty at all. I’d want to program my head to be in the right place for a little boy or girl, plus lay in the appropriate clothes and toys.

    (Yes yes, I know, little girls can play with trucks and stuff if they want.)

    For names, how about “Jordan.” That can be used either way, and it still has some Penguins cred.

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