telepathy don’t fail me now!

* My cellphone died. Well, let’s fix that: the phone I borrowed from my Mother died. After she dropped it into the tub (full of water) and still worked, I figured it was indestructible. Apparently, bathwater doesn’t have crap on my son’s drool. It’s bionic drool, because it said JUM error 102 and hasn’t worked since.

* In the wake of me not having a cellphone, I called Verizon a bit desperate, and the woman I spoke to was an angel. She not only upgraded my phone under the ‘new every two’ program (even though I wasn’t due until April of 2011) she also got me a Motorola DROID for 100 dollars less than the ‘new every two’ price. Um, yes, please.

* So my phone was ordered on Saturday, but since it was a holiday weekend and such, it wasn’t sent until Monday. Apparently it’s been sitting in Tennessee since then, because even though I was TOLD it would be delivered TODAY, FEDEX’s website says it won’t be here until tomorrow.

* Who’s home phone line does work, again? This girl.

* It’s totally 1875 here. (Despite the satellite TV and wireless internet*) For those who are a bit sluggish in their Alexander Graham Bell history, the phone was invented in 1876. (Patented in 1877.)

* While we’re on random facts, here, did you know that most suicides happen on a Monday? Bummer.

* Now, in the household of Cassie and Clan (Oh, that’s lame!) we are relying on our telepathy skills to reach the outside world. First of all, because I figured I had to be home ALL. DAY. to meet the FedEx guy and sign for my phone that SHOULD have been here TODAY. Then, if you haven’t been following the news, it’s hot outside up here in the NorthWest. Supa dupa hot. According to my Google Desktop thingy to the right of my screen, it’s 93 degrees. It’s 5:15 in the evening. That’s dang hot.

* Another random fact: for every one Australian, there are two Australian kangaroos.

* Telepathy, don’t fail me now!

* Oh, and I still want a Bacon Turkey Bravo from Panara. Mine is minus the bacon and tomato. I really, REALLY want one.

* Lastly, there are three colors that don’t rhyme with anything (silver, orange, and purple).

Have a borange, murple, gliver-tastic day!

Oh and the previous *from the wireless internet comment: Shout out to my awesome neighbors for allowing me to pirate off their connection!

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You are hilarious. May your phone arrive, you get your sandwich and the weather cool off dramatically!

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