sometimes I’m the Mom, sometimes I’m the babysitter

First trimester of pregnancy = lame, boring and oh so tired.

Today, I was a Mom. I fed the kids good, healthy food. I had planned activities. I made sure they didn’t burn the house down.

Yesterday, I was a babysitter. I fed them leftovers. I had the TV on. I made sure they didn’t burn the house down.

After a day like yesterday, I just feel so…bad. Like a terrible Mom. I know that I can do better than that, but I just didn’t have what it took. Part of it is related to my situation of pregnancy. The other part is related to the fact that I finally caved and started reading another book series that shall remain nameless…*coughtwilightcough* and of course finished the first two in a matter of days.

Again with the addictive personality. Hate it! Hate, hate, hate it! I can’t be a normal person, one who can casually read a book. Nope, not me. I have to go 110%, balls to the wall, never quitting ’til it’s done. And I annoy the piss out of myself.

Best news ever? Carly bought me the last two books! I texted her and said, “You know, that’s like buying an addict Heroin.” She just laughed.

Here’s how I feel:

Sure, I joke, I joke. I’m not addicted to drugs, alcohol or sex (despite the fact I have 2 1/2 kids.) I’m just addicted to books. *Sigh*

Side note: that’s a really cool dance, though, right? I know! Yay SYTYCD! This is my favorite dance from the show:

Sure, it’s because I think Mark is so gosh darn quirky and cute…but I can relate. My husband travels. It sucks, man. Matt loves this dance, too.

Hi, Matt in Dallas!

OK, so this was the most randomly, odd blog ever.

I blame it on the fact that I’ve been hulled up in my house with two toddlers. And Diego, Wubbzy, Team UmiZoomi and Arthur.

Send help.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Both of those two dances are amazing. I can really see why you like the 2nd one.

    I’m always knocked for a loop by the Addiction one. I get chills every time I see it, especially the look on his face at the end… they didn’t show it that well in this version, but I remember… that dark, knowing, leering, evil look… (shiver) It’s probably my favorite… that and the one with the Door.

    Hey, regarding mommyhood… don’t beat yourself up. No one can be SuperMom every night for their entire lives. Cut yourself a break. The kids are in good hands.

  2. This is terrible, but one of the reasons that I’m nervous about starting a family is because I also have an addictive book habit that I’m not sure if I can give up! I flew through the Twilight books too, (as well as the Harry Potter and Sookie Stackhouse books). I get so engrossed that I can’t do anything else! Gah. I am impressed with your mommying and it sounds to me like you’re doing a great job. I bet the kids enjoyed leftovers and tv just as much as planned outings and food. 🙂

    • Cassie or Carly

      It’s all about balance. It’s healthy for the kids to do their own thing, plus by them seeing that I like to read, hopefully it rubs off on them in turn. Claire already loves books. She falls asleep with a book and a flashlight every night. It’s not that bad.

  3. You’re allowed to have “babysitter” days, pregnant or not you’ve got to cut yourself a break. I am also a fanatic reader (just finished “Under The Dome” by Stephen King, a 1000+ page book in under 4 days) and although I take breaks throughout the year, I could read every minute of every day and be perfectly happy. It was quite the issue when I was a kid – my mom used to have to shake me to get my attention. Anyway – there’s nothing wrong with your kids learning to entertain themselves now and then. You’re one of the best mamas I know – so quit being so hard on yourself!

  4. In the seventies, my mother would just yell at us to “Go out and play!” No way was she like going to be our personal entertainment or anything.

    Ah, it was a simpler time before Stranger Danger, Amber Alerts, and grainy milk carton photos. The pervs operated with anonymity and impunity. And we turned out just fine. (shake… twitch… ADD/OCD… nervous scratch…)

    • Cassie or Carly

      HA! I know, though. It’s so very true, and sad. Even as I was growing up, we watched ourselves a lot. We turned out OK…

  5. “2 1/2 kids.” HA!

    You’re a great mom ALL the time, Cassie.

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