Random rants and such.

I finally got the chance to catch up on my blog reading today. Well, mostly. I got to Carpetbagger and Bluz Dude’s. After this I’m making my way over to BG’s and then That’s Church. Whew!

So Mr. Bagger wrote about the Buccos in his newest blog titled “In a New York Minute.” First of all, thanks SO MUCH for getting that dang song stuck in my head. I keep singing, “Oooh ooh ooh!” Anywho, they’re actually doing well! I’m not going to hold my breath, but watching those guys out there is almost electric. You can feel how excited they’re getting now that they’re finally getting the bats moving. However, then his blog went from Buccos to a brief mention of the Port Authority. This got my dang blood boiling. See comment below:

Do I really need to go on? No, probably not. (And really, it doesn’t matter what I make an hour, I really love my job for just doing my job. But the bottom line is, people who give their lives for their jobs or save lives as a job just don’t make enough. Firemen, Policemen, Nurses, I’m looking at you!)

Then I bee bopped on over to Bluz because I really needed a giggle after bitching about the stupid Port Authority. (Dang they chap my ass.)

What do you know? He wrote about Palin. I mean, giggle? How about almost peeing my pants. A snippet:


Then I felt better.

So I then meandered over to my camera and uploaded my photos from my recent jaunt to PPG Place and the “ghetto” pool as my husband’s co-worker so lovingly calls it. Claire calls it a water ‘mountain’. C’mon, you have to admit that’s cute.

I do have to say, though, that there was a winningest winner of all there (yup, Bluz, I made up a word just now, too. Just call me Shakespeare.)  Imagine with me now: plus sized, shorts-wearing, wet WHITE shirt. Yes. My eyes were burning, too. Not that she wasn’t a bad looking person, no, that wasn’t it. Her shirt was friggin white and she was going through the fountain. A grown-ass woman. Running through the fountain. And clearly she needed a wonderbra, because those girls were all over the place. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t have a black eye.

All that said, I don’t care if you’re a million pounds heavy or the fugliest person in the world. Be smart. Don’t wear a white shirt and run through water.

So here’s a few photos. Since my kids were there and such and they were being cute.

This was taken after Luca learned a valuable lesson: the hole in the ground is for water to come shooting out.

Is it wrong that I’m a touch jealous that my husband works here every day? Because I am. His building is not only beautiful, but he’s on the 28th floor and has a spectacular view of the South Side, Downtown and PNC Park!

Lastly, can I just say I’m so jazzed about next Sunday’s Darwin Fishfry? Because I am. Yay! The Sisters will be there to represent, what what?!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You know, I’ll be honest: Having lived my entire life in the Deep South, I never gave Pittsburgh much thought. Of course, you can probably say the same of Louisiana.

    (People generally notice us only when the hurricanes blow in and/or one of our charmingly felonious politicians goes to jail.)

    But now I think Pittsburgh might be one of the nicest places ever. I so wish I could make the Darwin Fishfry!

  2. Wooo! A post full of bluz-love, plus a solo wet t-shirt contest!

    Thanks for the pub. I can’t wait to meet the coolest sisters on the Web!

  3. Some pretty damn cute kids you got there.

    Forsook and forsayth, prithee thee perchance

  4. Damn, accidentally hit Post Comment… anyhoo

    Forsook and forsayth, prithee thee perchance to join minst fellow bloggers at thou Anthony Jr’s this fortnight (give or take) where we dost consume vast quantities of stout and have a merry ole time.

    God, that’s exhausting.

  5. Oh, no. I have the winningest story of a woman who had no business wearing what she was wearing… in Santa Monica… on the beach.

    She was wearing a tiny bikini and she could not have weighed less than 250 pounds. She was lying there like a beached whale and that would have been okay, but let’s just say her *area* looked more like a Brazilian rainforest than a *Brazilian*. I shudder every time I think of this – it was just so gross. Maybe white t-shirt woman and beach woman were related – LOL!

    • Cassie or Carly

      Too bad she wasn’t wearing a thong. That would have been sweet.

      However, at least she was remaining still…not running. Oh my eyes! My eyes!

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