Car shopping…

As you’ve previously read somewhere (I’m too damn tired to find the exact blog) I’ve owned a lot of vehicles. Until today, the number has been 5. Now, it’s 6.

That’s right. We got rid of the flashy red Volkswagen and are now proud owners of a Volvo xc90. It’s totally my dream SUV.

For the record, it’s used, we’re not pretentious, it’s almost as safe as driving a tank, and I wanted it BEFORE Edward Cullin was driving it in Twilight…or before I was aware.

But what did I see as soon as I walked into the dealership today? Eclipse posters…everywhere. In case people have been blind and deaf lately, Eclipse came out. You know, the movie with all the sparkly vampires in it. And what does the hottest hottie drive? A Volvo.

I find almost find it funny that indestructible vampires choose the safest vehicle on the planet (in my opinion) to drive. I guess they just must feel that much safer.

Anywho, we’re done. We’ve searched, we’ve shopped, we’ve purchased. I now feel really, really broke.

FYI, shout out to Bill Gray Volvo in McMurray. Anyone who’s in the market for a vehicle, hit them up. Our dealer, Angus, was the bomb diggity and I will be happy to do business with them again.

Of course, Matt says he’s never car shopping again…I say give it 6 years or so.

Ha. Oh who am I kidding. I’m the car purchasing queen.

No, seriously. I want to be done.


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  1. Congratulations! And it’s Vampire approved, even.

    • Cassie or Carly

      I know. I feel, though, a bit sad that it’s not Werewolf accepted. Or shape shifters, I suppose as the book officially explains. I would imagine that a Dodge Ram or something would be, though. A Hummer?

  2. We are car/truck/SUV/crossover twinsies! One of the things I hate about the XC90 (I bought mine in March) is the name. I like cars to have NAMES, not random numbers and letters. The other thing I hate is not knowing what to call it. The whole truck/car classification business.

    Other than that, I LOVE it! What color did you get? I went with boring black because that’s all they had with the options I wanted. I love the deep red, though.

  3. Congrats! Glad you’ve made it through the hassle and now have your dream vehicle!

  4. I LOVE Volvos. The Guy keeps telling me that once we have kids, I have to get rid of Fiona Fit. He says it’s not safe (even though she performed beautifully in ALL the crash safety tests). I have thus far successfully resisted the urge to get all dramz about it and scream, “YOU ALREADY TOOK MY RELIGION! YOU CANNOT TAKE MY CAR!!!”

    (I am converting to Methodism.)


    I might just be able to get right the hell over it if he bought me a Volvo.

    Hey, my religious and automobilious principles only extend so far.

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