I went to Darwinfish Fry and all I got was a lousy photo of the bathroom

Remember when I wrote about that fancy DSLR camera I bought? And how I was so super jazzed to use it at any given moment? Well, prepared Cassie brought it to the Darwinfish Fry. The scatter-brained, crazy, cluttered-mouth Cassie took a photo of the bathroom. And that’s it. The bathroom.

But it’s not just any bathroom. No! It’s a fancy bathroom. Meant for lovers of the same gender. Or really close friends who enjoy sharing bodily functions together. Or someone who enjoys watching a toilet as they use the toilet. Either way, the lighting was romantic and it had both Carly and I scratching our heads.

And that was my own personal start for the Darwinfish Fry!

Of course Carly and I were the first to arrive. I had sent her a text earlier in the day asking her when she’d be by the house so we could drive up together. After she asked me what time I’d like her there, I told her it’d take us 45 minutes plus factoring in the “Cassie sucks at directions and will inevitably get lost” issue, I told her an hour would be relatively fair.

We got there 20 minutes early. That gave us plenty of time to marvel at the beautiful bathroom. I mean, this thing, clearly, was pretty fantastic.

In the main dining room, there was a long table, assuming, for us.

Bluz was the first to arrive. He looked exactly as I had imagined, sounded exactly as I had imagined and was just as genuine and kind as I had imagined. Funny, charismatic, and everything that he is in his blog. He is just simply one cool dude.

DG and husband Dan (frequent commenters on Bluz’s blog) were next. Can I just say how fun they are? Dan is just a barrel full of energy and reminds me a lot of myself. Just loves conversation, people and life in general. DG is clearly his match. She’s fun, honest and really, REALLY needs to start a blog of her own.

Cher and Rich were next, from AskCherlock. First of all, I have to say this: In life, you rarely meet someone who is 100% pure kindness, but yesterday I had the honor of meeting two. Cher and Rich are two people who clearly love each other very much. There were times where I would just sit back and watch them; their mannerisms, the way they would touch, the way they looked at each other in the eyes…it was breathtaking. Just breathtaking. I hope Matt and I can be like that, too.

While in the midst of asking about if it was true that Carpetbagger had converted an old bar into a house, in he walked with Mrs. Bagger. I had the privelege of sitting next to Mrs. Bagger, however, Mr. Bagger sat next to her and since it was one long table, I only got to share a few words with him. From what I got from him, though, was he’s freaking awesome. And all right in my book. Mrs. Bagger is seriously an interesting person. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, but she is amazingly intellectual and compassionate, especially when it comes to her dog. I can dig it.

In came The Bitches. (And seriously, I’m allowed to say that.) Hot Mama and Hot Papa were the first in. Wormy and el preggo Mindbling were next in with their men. They added instant energy and are just as fun as they write. In fact, being able to have met them in person, I read their writings totally differently now, if that make sense? I found out some funny things about Hot Mama that I never knew and I’m not sure if I’m able to repeat such information, so just know it made me giggle and felt an instant connection.

I also learned why Wormy’s name is Wormy. And while she may say it’s not so interesting, I thought it was. Seriously.

Mindbling looks damn good for being due in 6 weeks. I mean, DAMN GOOD. (No, I don’t swing that way, she just carries that kid frigging amazingly.) I wish her the best of luck, from one Mom to another.

Now, please know, I get a little excited when I get the opportunity to speak with adults that aren’t family or sick, which is pretty much never. I’m really not an obnoxious person. Usually. Nor do I try to be rude. So apologies to anyone who may have gotten that impression from me. Like I said, I get excited to talk to people that aren’t under 3, sick and/or delirious, or related. Perhaps some people are just better left in writing, er, me. Either way, I had a fantastic time yesterday. I was so happy to have met everyone. Really and truly.

It’s a strange little world of blogging friends, isn’t it? But oh so worth it.

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I love that you guys were able to do this! What a great idea!

    And the toilets? Yea, that’s just plain weird.

  2. Oh Cassie, I rolled with laughter when I saw you had put up that photo of the ladies room! You are just an amazing, intellectual, pretty, and wickedly funny woman. I do think you could do stand-up in L.A.! It was a joy meeting Carly and all the others too. Each has their own rich personality and the blend of everyone together last night was like a sumptuous meal. And Bluz. What can you say? He is just as kind and witty in person as he is on his blog. And he’s so tall! That’s one reason we all look up to him, one reason among many. Cheers to you, my girl and thanks for the great laughs.

    • Cassie or Carly

      I agree with you. Everyone together just worked. It was better than anyone could have ever imagined. I only wish we didn’t have to leave so soon! But being pregnant and such, and with Carly having to drive an hour to get home, it just had to happen. I look forward to when our paths cross again!


    I bet you guys had a BLAST! Wish I could’ve been there!

    P.S. That toilet situation is really effing weird.

    • Cassie or Carly

      BG, come to Pittsburgh. We can prove our blog friendship by peeing next to each other. I dare you. EW! Ha!

  4. You know, I think you’re overlooking just how pretty the bathroom is… I mean, you have plants and flowers, you have pictures on the wall… you have those black mystery boxes on the wall…

    I appreciate your doing this post, Cassie. Now, I don’t have to write one myself because I agree with every single thing you wrote. Except the part about you talking too much… You talk just enough… anything else, you wouldn’t be you. (Just leave a little gap, every 10 minutes or so, and all will be well.)

    Hey, by the way… over the weekend, my cousin Angela let us know she was pregnant. (Remember her? She was the one that met us in Miami for the “Hurricane” Steelers game, and won an episode of Fear Factor.) Anyway, guess when she’d due…

    February 12. You guys wanna race?

    Anyway, it was great meeting you and Carly. You’re both as sweet and beautiful as I imagined. I would be honored to have you talk my ear off any time.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Thank you. Really. I got home and said to Matt, “Why do you let me talk so much. I embarrass myself. I just keep going and going and going…gosh I need a hobby.”

      Oooh! Almost identical due dates. I know what she was doing and when! Is it her first? Because if not, did she have her kids early? I am an early bird, by only a few days. But early is early, damnit.

      Oh, and you damn well better write something. Your perspective is probably a lot more fun. In a match of the funny, you win!

      • This will be Angela’s first.

        Yeah, I’ll write a little something, but you covered all the basic facts. I’m already directing curious traffic right here. (I put up a Pre-Post, because I just finished doing all the pictures desperately need a beer and a rest.)

      • Cassie or Carly

        Drink your beer, good chap! Did you stop like you wanted and pick up a bunch of IC Lite for the trip back?

      • Cassie or Carly

        Wait, that sounded bad. The beer, obviously, is for drinking once you are done driving.

      • I did stop at the Cash Market in Coraopolis for a pound of Isaly’s chipped ham and a fresh loaf of Mancini’s bread.

        No beer this trip…

        And Bling… you’re assuming all Mav will be doing in there is peeing… you may prefer to get out of Dodge…

  5. Hey, Mrs. I have two kids and am still really super skinny, I think YOU look good! It was so nice meeting both of you. You can yap our ears off anytime.

    Also. I love that bathroom. It has inspired me to ask Mavrick to remodel ours so that we may hold hands and gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes WHILE WE MAKE WEE WEE.


    • Cassie or Carly

      Ha ha. I have a love affair with the gym. I drop the kids off and then have freedom for an hour. FREEDOM I TELL YOU. It’s well worth it.

      You guys are the best. For reals.

  6. Those toilets were so perfect for a group like ours. They remind me of this SNL skit from years ago:

    Your description of Mrs. Carpetbagger made her giggle. Anyhow, it was great to finally meet everybody. Wish I could gotten to know more people up and down the table. Hopefully next time…

  7. It was a really fun time – so great to meet everybody and put faces and voices to names. That bathroom was seriously a Cialis commercial gone horribly wrong.

  8. It was fabulous meeting you, I loved our instant connection too!! I hope I get to see you guys again, sooner rather then later 🙂

  9. Mary Ann Napoleone

    Instant recognition and bonding begins in the bathroom. “Anthony Junior’s” knows this, provides the perfect setting (sitting?)
    You all certainly added to our golden anniversary celebration,meeting each other and Bluz with open joy. You are a golden group.
    Be Blessed.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Aw! Thanks! You’ve got one hell of a son. And congrats on being married for all that good, long time!

  10. I would pee next to you. Yup. I would.

  11. I have nightmares like this.

    The dinner sounds great. How did you all decide to get together?

    • It was all Bluz. He organized the whole shebang. I’m so glad he did!

    • Elisa,
      Lest anyone think I just go around deciding to plan dinners for people, I was in Pittsburgh for a family occasion on the Saturday and didn’t have anything special to do on Sunday. I figured it was a perfect time to try and get together with a bunch of Pittsburgh bloggers that read each other’s blogs and I would never had the opportunity to otherwise meet. The fact that anyone even showed up is a source of amazement to me.

  12. The bathroom arrangement is for those “other” intimate moments. Um, ew? How funny.

    I’m a regular reader of Bluz’ blog. Sounds like a really cool get together. Glad you guys had fun!

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