Shopping 101

Hello, my name is Cassie and I’m a bargain shopper. I’m not anal about it, just frugal. I plan ahead, fists full of coupons and gift cards, and try my damnedest to stick to the plan. My middle name should be Savings.

My motto is: “Why pay full price? Ever?”

My secrets?

1. Shop around back to school and right before holidays.

2. Use coupons. If I don’t have a coupon, I don’t shop there.

3. Gift cards courtesy of my Discover Card cash back.

4. Have a plan.

Today, I got the kids packed up and we headed south to the Tanger Outlets in Washington County. It’s a quicker drive than the Grove City Outlets and a much more visually stimulating drive than sitting on the turnpike and I79 going North and nothing more than North.

My plan: go to the Gap first. Their clothes fit Claire the best. She’s top-tall like me and they actually make their shirts longer, so she can actually wear them longer than a few months. I also conveniently got a 20% off coupon and 50 dollar gift card from Discover. I planned on doing my big shopping there.

My next stop was going to be Old Navy. They are having their famous 10 dollar jeans sale and I was happy to partake. Plus, being a card holder, I had a 15% off coupon, plus a 10 dollar cash card. Spend money, get money. Makes sense.

Here’s the loot: (With Claire’s Penguin, Staalsie, looking on.)

(Not pictured: A pair of sweat pants that Claire was in the process of trying on.)

Here’s how it breaks down:

What I should have spent at the Gap: 245.71

What I actually paid at the Gap: 97.39

What I should have paid at Old Navy: 169.49

What I actually paid at Old Navy: 88.94

Break it down now:

Should Have Spent: 415.20

Complete Savings: 228.87

In other words, this is why Matt married me. That’s a car payment. I saved a freaking car payment.

Good thing, too, since I have a car payment due.

And that is probably all the winter clothes I’ll have to buy them. Claire has a birthday coming up and Christmas, too, so I get the staples and wait until later to see what’s left to get. Sure, I still need to get the kids outerwear, but that comes later. They’re not even on the shelves yet.

And I didn’t buy anything Hello Kitty, either. Claire said, “I can’t want that. I want that for my birthday.” So she’s prepared to wait. Old Navy has the cutest Hello Kitty stuff ever. EVER.

Now after coming off of my shopping binge, I have a headache. I’m prepared to take a nap.


Also – I got several e-mails asking about the vinegar/baking soda to clean the bathroom/kitchen. I found this website extremely helpful, since where I had orginially found the ideas were in a magazine that I found years ago. I have a squirt bottle for undiluted vinegar, one for diluted vinegar and I buy my baking soda from Sam’s Club in bulk. It’s so much cheaper that way. And it lasts forever. I hope this helps!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. LOVE the big brother shirt and the Minnie Mouse shirt 🙂

  2. Oh, and yes, you have ALWAYS been frugal. Always worked your ass off for everything you got, too.

  3. Being frugal is a gift… don’t let anyone tell you different. I know I’ve had to live like a monk from time to time, and knowing you can squeeze every last value out of a dollar is a big benefit. (That, and doing without unnecessary stuff.)

    And I love that Claire has a penguin named Staalsie.

  4. Holy cannoli! You’re the Queen Mother of Discount Shopping!

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