Ignorance is contagious

Wow. I mean, just, wow. So…

OK, I’ve gathered my thoughts. I was reading cnn.com again today and here’s what made my brain freeze and hurt really, really badly:

Poll: Only a third of Americans say Obama is Christian; almost one in five say he’s Muslim

OK. So here we go. Let’s break it down:

A substantial and growing chunk of the country believes that President Obama, a self-described Christian, is Muslim, while only about a third of Americans are able to correctly identify his religion, according to a survey released Thursday.

My first thoughts? I thought since I graduated school and such, quizzes were over. Does it really make a difference to me what religion the president practices? And Muslim? Is this because he sided with the Pro Mosque at Ground Zero project?

While most of those who think Obama is Muslim are Republicans, the number of independents who believe he is Muslim has expanded significantly, from 10 percent last year to 18 percent now.

Well, no shit. And I’m sorry, but most independents I know are neither Republican nor Democrats. For some reason, everyone seems to think that everyone who is an Independent is an uber Democrat.

“It may be time for them (the White House) to be a little more public about what the president does to be an active Christian,” he said.

OK, so I clearly may not be super religious, I consider myself spiritual, but really? Can’t anything that the man does be private? I’m not saying hide everything, but gosh. It seems to me that the way someone practices their religion would be kind of sacred and personal.

What would it take to make Americans to believe he is what he says he is? My personal guess is that nothing he does would ever change certain people’s minds. Never. Some people are simply stuck in their ways of thinking. No openness to their minds what-so-ever.

I completely understand that the US was founded on the beauty of different thinking. Personal opinions. Personal freedom. And furthermore, I understand that when President Obama took his oath to serve as our president, he gave up most rights of privacy. However – I find that what a person does and says between God, Allah, Ja, Buddha, whathaveyou, that is sacred ground. Personal, private. What is wrong with people?

So, again, I say, this man was voted in by not only the Electoral College, but Popular Vote. He had majority. McCain had absolutely no chance of winning. (Especially after he chose Palin as his running-mate.) So America, listen! You voted, you were heard! So when he tells us that he is Christian, try to believe him. He is, in fact, the man making decisions about our future, safety and well being.

I had commented on AskCherlock’s blog regarding the increasing amounts of death threats placed on Obama these days. And those people claim themselves to be Christian? So does it automatically make them better because they have religion? Does it make it OK?

And seriously? There are worse people in politics than Obama. I mean, hell-o! Look at who’s in the friggin’ Senate!

OK, I’m done.


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  1. I don’t WANT him to be more overtly Christian! My definition of “Christian” (how I choose to be Christian) certainly isn’t the same as most “Christians,” and personally I find the Christian dogma (the man-made rules at least) offensive. *eyeroll* Why does a person’s religion have to play ANY part in how one governs our country?

    • Well, Mom, think about it. If Obama had been any other religion, he’d never had even made it into senate. When was the last time we had someone who was non-Christian as president? And why is it that that really matters? Most “Christians” are merely Sunday Christians at best. Sin, sin, sin, then wipe your slate clean.

      And Mom, think about it. It’s not the president who governs the country, it’s GOD.

      • LOL at the it’s God who governs the country comment! The fact that Obama is a liberal Christian, meaning he is a United Church of Christ member (UCC – the joke in the UU denomination is that it stands for Unitarians Considering Christ – hahaha) really rubs people the wrong way. Jeremiah Wright anyone?

        Agreed that his religion should play no role, but religion is such a hot button topic. Even though it is in the constitution that we have the right to freely practice any religion we want. Isn’t that one of the reasons why people from England started coming here in the first place? Duh.

  2. You have to give at least lip service to being Christian in this country if you have any hope of getting elected to national office. That’s because no matter what we pretend to be, we’re still a bigotted, superstitious people that gets uncomfortable when someone in power prays to a different invisible man in the sky than we do.

    The willful ignorance in this country appalls me.

  3. Cassie, great post. I’ve been working on a similar post but I go crazy writing it and it goes down rabbit trails and becomes an incoherent rant. I’m still working on it.

    If there’s one thing polls tells, it is that 1/3 of this country is batshit crazy. It should make you paranoid to go out in public… or to drive on highways. 1 out of 3!

    According to polls, 1/3 of Americans don’t know what year 9/11 happened. 1/3 of Americans (don’t know if it’s the same third) think George Bush caused 9/11. Another third polled believed Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. 1/3 of Americans believe the Bible should be taken literally.

    And Bluz is right. In politics, religion is just a bumper sticker on the campaign bus. I think most politicians are probably agnostic. (i.e. There is probably a God out there somewhere, but can’t know for sure, and we can’t personally know him/her/it.) I don’t think Obama gives anything more than lip service to any religion. I don’t think McCain did either. Bush only did because of his 12-Step history and being from Texas. I don’t think we’ve had an authentic, practicing Christian in the White House since Carter, and look how that turned out.

    • Bagger, I wanted to go down twenty different rabbit holes, but I just had to click post. 1/3 of the country IS batshit crazy! There’s no other way about it. Americans preach daily that they love America. However, they don’t know jack shit about the country they say they love so much.
      Politics are a joke. There’s nothing real about it. It’s all smoke and mirrors and come election time they’ll offer you their soul for a vote. So they can what? Have power? Be ass holes? Glad someone wants the job.
      What makes me most sad about Obama is that he actually seemed like he wanted to help – wanted to make a difference. And it also seems to me that his honesty and his willingness to work at his job is what’s getting him in trouble. No one knows who or what to believe. And they keep on pulling out all these bull shit cards on him to make him seem less credible. We just want someone who will do the job and not fuck it up. How much is that to ask?

  4. What an insightful article, Cassie. I love that bold streak in you where you are just setting a rotting meal on the table for all to look at and they still don’t know our brain-food is deteriorating. I have never seen this country have such a case of the uglies. We even made it through the Civil Rights movement with peaceniks who at least pushed for common decency. Moral compass? I wonder who determines what that is. There is much hypocrisy in churches today. Like Bagger and bluz, I believe religion is just a bumper sticker saying you go to church like you went to the Outer Banks or something. Faith and living a spiritual life is what counts. All this dogma is just dividing us more and it counter to all true spiritual precepts.

    • Cher, I’ve never (in all my 25 years and history books) seen such a nation divided. I can’t believe it. That it’s taken having progression and a black president to do this. The man is only half black thank you very much. But all the Republicans are seeing is the color of his skin. Never mind the fact that he is a good man – hopefully.
      I think had GW not have been our president, the country would be a more solid place, but we could sit here all day and go over the coulda/woulda/shoulda’s.
      The church has always been one big hypocricy. I look back all the way to when King Henry VIII was in charge. Look at what it took to break away from Catholicism. Just so he could be more powerful than God.
      One thing’s for sure, history repeats itself.

  5. To me, religion is a deeply personal thing and I don’t really care who or what you worship. Be a good person and that’s all I need. As for the President? Be a good leader, turn this country around. I do not care what you do in your private life. Not even a little.
    Also, I saw his comments on the WTC/Mosque issue – he said that he questioned the wisdom of putting it there, but that the government cannot overrule the right to practice religion. Any religion. And I agree – it would be un-American to limit who can practice what religion and where. I don’t like the placement either,but just because it’s that particular religion doesn’t mean that THOSE Muslims are bad people or terrorists.
    This is why I steer clear of politics. Like you, I research and like to see an issue from both sides before (and if) I pick one or the other. I learned over the last few elections that a huge percentage of voters are so UNeducated on the issues and too often, they’re the most vocal. What’s that saying? They know just enough to be dangerous?
    Back to religion – I agree with everything above. So many religious people think if they go to church once a week (and my ex father in law would actually sleep through it) that it permits them to act like assholes the rest of the week. Love the church = Outer Banks comment!

    • I don’t care if they said they wanted to build a Mosque next door to the WTC. It’s the fact that the so called ‘educated americans’ are against it because they think it’s a sad reminder of what caused the day’s events. Because they think it’s a slap in the face to ‘real Americans.’
      It was radicals! Normal, every day Muslims didn’t cause such horrific pain. And Muslims can be American, too. I think people seem to forget that many religions, backgrounds, histories died in the WTC and on those planes. I just try to remember the fallen and pray that something like this never happens again.
      And I agree with Obama’s questioning of the location, no, it’s probably not very smart, but there’s nothing Constitutionally wrong with it. And I can’t help but admire the woman who is trying to get the Mosque off the ground’s enthusiasm. She thinks that by building it there, it can cause some healing and unity of Muslims and the rest of the Americans. It’s idealistic, at best.

      • I agree. These “real Americans” forget that there are but a very select few that were actually here first. All the rest of us came from somewhere else.
        The real Americans are the ones that are accepting and tolerant of those different than themselves. There are crazies in every race, religion, culture, etc. The “one bad apple” theory is ridiculous, to say the least. I don’t like it when one bad nurse makes us all look bad, but it doesn’t mean that we all actually are bad. If you look hard enough, you can find something wrong with everyone you meet.
        Great post today! I really do love being reminded that there are people capable of thought and opinion without anger or close-mindedness.

  6. “I completely understand that the US was founded on the beauty of different thinking. Personal opinions. Personal freedom.”

    Great point, Cassie, and great post.

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