Happy Anniversary to Us! (A week late)

I met Matt when I was 19 and working at Fridays. He came in for an interview and I got him a glass of water.

Clearly, it was love at first sight.

After his interview and he left, I went up to my boss, Deebs, and said, “If you don’t hire him, I’ll quit.”

I’m pretty sure he was going to hire him anyways. But I’m going to say it was because I was so dang valuable that he couldn’t dare part with me. Yah, that’s a good story.

On his first day on the floor, Deebs made me be his trainer. And if it was at all possible for me to not have words, well, it happened. I was so…nervous. So anxious. So… infatuated.

For months, I would joke to him, “If you didn’t smoke, I’d so date you.” And I so meant it. I’m sure he thought it was just thoughtless flirting. I mean, I had my ways and I always had my way with the cooks. Tight black pants and an attitude is enough to get your food out on-time. True story.

I knew he didn’t smoke much, maybe one or two a day, but…ick. It was totally against my standards and I had to stick with my standards.

So one day, I came in with some friends for dessert on a day off. He was working in a section on the other side of the building, yet he would pass by my booth every chance he got. I finally got up the nerve to ask him if he wanted to meet us over at Bar Louie after his shift. He agreed and I was smitten.

For some stupid reason or another (I can’t even friggin remember anymore. Go ahead, call me an old lady,) I had to leave before he got there. He called my cell phone when I was on my way back to my apartment, saying he was on his way, but I had to tell him I had already left.


He seemed disappointed, but said he’d try another day.

The next week, we went to Bar Louie again and he was there with me. He followed me home to make sure I got there safe (it was on his way home after all,) and I offered for him to come in and watch Conan.

We sat on my crappy futon in my studio apartment and talked for hours. I knew everything about him and he knew everything about me. I mean, everything…cutting and all.

And he stayed.

And he never left after that.

AND he was a complete gentleman, if you know what I mean, for several months. I’m not that kind of girl. Yet, he lived in my apartment for the most part.

Oh, AND he quit smoking. And chewing. Oh ick, blech.

We moved in officially after being together for a short three-ish months, and were engaged the day before my 21st birthday.

Last week, we celebrated four years of marriage. I won’t get all mushy and sappy, because no one likes that junk, but he’s the love of my life. Everything about us just sort of happened. We more or less flowed into where we are today. Our relationship has been relatively effortless, with only minimal bumps along the way.

I always say, that’s how you know it’s right. If you have to work super duper hard in the beginning, well, then, perhaps you’re pushing a boulder uphill. I mean, this is totally just me, but I can say with my first serious, post high school relationship, I had to work far too hard to make it work. And it was a lot of one sided tries. He was effortlessly in love and I was trying to find that spark I wished was there. Sure, I could have made it work, but dang, if I didn’t feel it right off the bat, then it just wasn’t worth it for me.

Sure, every relationship needs fine tuned and worked on, but that should be a part your every day.

Enough, enough.

Back to Matt. He’s a good egg. He gives me space, lets me sleep in, is amazing with the kids, works far too hard for any normal person, loves me, puts up with me, doesn’t bore me with the specifics of his work in taxes, keeps me in the loop, goes running with me, doesn’t complain if I burn dinner, lets be all anal retentive about grocery shopping, loves his family, is a dedicated dad, and doesn’t snore.

And I know this is a relationship forever. He just gets me. And it’s not an easy task. If you guys haven’t picked up yet, I’m a bit opinionated, talkative, emotional, over-dramatic, all over the place, completely unorganized, annoying, and perhaps a bit of a pill.

BUT. I do love unconditionally, bake awesome cookies, keep the house somewhat clean, do laundry, paint walls, know how to use an electric screwdriver, can make most anything from scratch, keep the kids from starting the house on fire and am kinda funny. So I suppose I’m a keeper, too.

In high school, after my friend Tony died, I wrote a poem that basically said fuck fate. I never in a million years would have believed that Tony died because he was destined to. It was simply wrong place, wrong time. However, I do believe that Matt and I made all of our mistakes and decisions to get to each other.

Happy Anniversary, Matt. I love you.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I had to fire Dan before he would ask me out. He says he quit. Whatever.

  2. Happy anniversary to an adorable couple! And it doesn’t even seem necessary to wish you many more…

  3. Oh my God, I’m snotting all over my keyboard right now. May my marriage be as wonderful as yours. Congratulations!

  4. Happy belated Anniversary! You two make an awesome looking couple!

  5. Congrats guys! What a great thing to celebrate. May you have many more happy anniversaries.

    p.s. Is it strange that he reminds me of my husband? I mean the way he looks? Ah well. Just goes to show that you have good taste! 😉

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