nudists and ghosts

Hello all! I’m blogging today from Cassie’s computer because I am currently with out internet. A few weeks ago the boyfriend and I moved in together and that seemed to have left us with no money for such luxuries. Any who…I thought I’d share with you some recent adventures we’ve had in the new apartment.

We moved to an old Victorian house that has been sectioned off into four separate apartments. The house has tons of original charm including beautiful woodwork and tons of natural light.

The last place I was in had one window. One. This apartment has seven, and they’re giant! This poses a slight problem, however, because I don’t own curtains.

At first, I was so mesmerized by all the natural sunlight that I didn’t think we even needed curtains. After living in a no-sunlight prison, why would I want to shut it out now? Well…three nights ago I changed my mind. It was getting dark and I got up to turn on a light on the other side of the room, passing the window that faces my neighbor’s house.

What began as an innocent side-glance outside became an eye full of T & A, and it wasn’t the good kind. Turns out my window faces their bathroom (their curtainless bathroom), with a direct view into the bathtub. I saw butts, and boobs, and yes (ew, ew, ew!) even man parts. Old man parts. Like 70 year old man parts. It was more than enough to determine that I need curtains, ASAP. And thank God I have a wonderful sister who is handy with a sewing machine willing to make them. I’m still traumatized.


My second adventure is of the supernatural kind. Because the house is 105 years old it’s bound to have some stories and even some spirits. The night following the naked neighbors (which they will be now and forever be called) we had an encounter.

Some time in the middle of the night, the cap to my hairspray bottle, which sits by the sink, (magically?) flew across the bathroom and landed on the other side. I found it the next morning and am still puzzled as to how it got there. I haven’t used the hairspray since I moved in. If for whatever reason the cap was loose, it would have fallen into the sink or to the side. Not the opposite side of the room. There is no scientific way to explain it. None. Therefore, it must be a ghost. I suppose if it happens again, I’ll just have to move, because I have no desire to mess with that…or them.

I’m sure the next few weeks will bring more stories and I will be sure to share them with you.


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  1. That sounds like a scary movie: The Night of the Naked Neighbors. A film by M. Night Shamylan.

    OK, about the ghosts, first thing you do is set up a video camera to film your room while you’re sleeping.

  2. That’s the POINT! I mean, I’d want to know if my girlfriend was standing over me for 2 hours while I sleep…

    • Bluz, man, I’m totally with you. But Carly’s a different breed of person. She’d rather just get hacked up into a million pieces and never know it was coming. Me, I’m not a planner, but, well, that would be nice to know in advance.

  3. Old man parts? Yikes! Don’t look; just don’t look. As for the ‘activity’ I guess you may have some spirits lurking about. Why don’t you paint a sign and point them to the domicile of the neighbors with the parts? So much better than them playing with hairspray. Rich and I are living in the home in which he grew up. His mom was here with us till she passed. We BOTH saw his deceased dad roaming the upstairs at night. We knew it was him so we weren’t scared. After Rich’s mom passed, there have been no more sightings. We think he was waiting for her and just watching over her. He sure didn’t throw things around!

    • Aw. That sounds sweet that both his parents spirits are now where they should be. And isn’t it like a man to not know where to go, so they roam around until the lady of the house points him in the right direction?


  4. Sounds to me like your ghost was just having a bad hair day. I’d watch my hair dryer if I were you 😉

  5. Our house is more than 150 years old (1864). Recently, large chunks of ceiling plaster has just started falling. Both times, in the middle of the night. I’d like to blame it on ghosts, even naked ghosts, but I’m afraid it’s just a freakin’ old house.

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