I need to complain to someone

If you had a bad day, don’t want to hear it or hate complainers, just ignore this post.

1. Second trimester of pregnancy.

As we speak, I am home from work 2 hours early because we A.) had low census and it was technically my turn to leave, and B.) I have been dizzy all effing day.

Let’s flash back one pregnancy ago: Luca.

During my second trimester, I tend to get dizzy. My blood pressure is naturally low anyways, but when I’m pregnant, it goes lower. I’m talking 90/60 on a good day. So, by law of nature, I’m dizzy sometimes.

Enter long work day and a hot isolation room.

After leaving the isolation room, I sat down at the nurse’s station because I was feeling a bit light headed, graying out and my hearing was going fuzzy…you know, normal, everyday stuff.

Then I get this bright idea, go to the back where you can put your feet up and cold air runs out of the vent!

With this thought, I get up and start to walk towards the back after mumbling to Shannon (a coworker) I wasn’t feeling so hot. On my short, 20 foot walk, I was smiling to myself, thinking, you’re the shit, you’re the bomb, you can do it! Then I hear, “Someone should catch Cassie,” and boom!

That was the best nap I have ever gotten.

I woke up, on the floor, with 10 pairs of eyeballs on me, with my eyes still shut. I could hear them saying, “Call a code! She’s still out!” and I responded by saying, “If you call a code I’ll never show up to work again.” I had busted my head off the copier and landed on my side.

I went to the ER where they were completely useless, and was sent home.

But, we got a new copier out of it.


Back to reality. I don’t want that to happen again. By the time I came back to work the next week, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) had heard about my shenanigans. I couldn’t call for a damn enema without having to retell the tale.

So, I decided to listen to my body, and came home. I am laying on the couch, propped up with pillows and a smile. A dizzy smile, but a smile. Yay, Motherhood!

(Mom, I’m OK.)

2. Patients who just don’t give a f***.

Let me ask a question. If you willingly come to the hospital, doesn’t that mean you are seeking out help?

So then why is it when the one thing you’re in the hospital for, you admittedly refuse to have it treated? Huh? I’m so confused! Because, personally, I hate having my time wasted, and so do all the doctors and other hospital personnel.

I almost want to say to these people, “Get over yourself or let me help you.” I mean, I’m nice, but jebus. My niceness only goes so far. So does my patience. And it’s pretty much run out for this. I’d much rather spend my time with patients who truly want and need me there than to argue with a brick wall.

3. Rich Hill Road.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this atrocity before. Because it should be mentioned. It’s so wrong. I want to make a larger post on this damn road, but for now, this complaining will have to do.

Rich Hill Road is the worst from the 910 turn-off to the top of the hill where it turns into Indiana Twp.

It’s a giant pot hole, filled half-assly with asphalt, then covered with mud. When you drive up and down and all around it, your car unwillingly bumps, jostles, and you lose about 5 inches in either direction from just pavement-skidding.

We have to get our cars re-aligned yearly.

It’s a safety hazard. Both Indiana Twp and Harmar Twp are fully aware. They have stated multiple times in the newspapers that it’s a liability. Indiana Twp threatens to shut it down all the time.

And why hasn’t it been paved, you ask? Because the land is technically in Harmar’s township. It is their job to pave the road. Harmar Twp refuses to pave the road because they say that it’s the Indiana Twp’s residents that mainly use the road and they should front the bill.

Indiana Twp came to Harmar a few years back saying that they’d give them some of a 500,000 dollar grant towards the paving of Rich Hill because “something has to be done,” with that road. Harmar (for some reason or another….I’m completely unclear) didn’t act on this.

What makes me the most upset about it is that for the past two summers, I’ve seen Harmar Twp workers on Rich Hill weekly with little shovels and asphalt filling the potholes that open up daily. I’m sure that with all this time and money they’re spending to do the patchwork, they could make up the other amount of money that Indiana Twp wasn’t paying. I mean, really. This is just my common sense and logic, however. What do I know.

Not to mention that Redland Brick Company is on Rich Hill and is located in Harmar Twp. Something about heavy bricks and semi-trucks seem to make me think that it’s possibly them that’s tearing up the road, too. Not just us Indiana Twp residents.

Oh, and PISA, too. That’s a lot of Harmar Twp traffic, too.

So, in closing, I’d like to state that Harmar sucks. They need to get off their butts and do something about the damn road. I’ve lived here for almost 4 years now and it’s getting a bit ridiculous. As I mentioned above, my patience is wearing thin.

4. Gross people.

Last complaint. Who the eff is google-ing “Sister Watches Me Jerk-Off”???? And seriously, gross dude, you’ve got the wrong site. We’re not cool like that. For a price, perhaps we would, but it’d be a steep price. I’ve got a mortgage you know.

I jest.

Here’s the list of things people searched for on Google the past two days to get to our site. Ready?

1. Stroking Misters

2. nurse gives boyfriend an enema vids

3. funny observations

4. watching a guy jerkoff

5. sister watches me jerk off

6. lpn and hanging blood

7. sister jerks off with brother

8. rubbing off to lady gaga

OK. So I’m cool with numbers 3 & 6. No issues. And to the person searching about the LPNs and hanging blood, no, we’re not allowed to by Pennsylvania State Law, however, there’s a movement in state legislature trying to allow us to do so. I say, great, show me the money.

For the person searching for the nurse giving her boyfriend an enema, you can just simply go to your local CVS, buy an enema over the counter and do it yourself if you’re so damn curious. Videos won’t do it quite the justice that a front and center experience can offer.

And the others…about masturbation, I suppose I asked for that, titling my one blog “Watching men jerk-off.” Perhaps I should have reworded the phrase a bit better. I kept asking Matt for other ways of saying masturbation, but he wasn’t feeling creative. And I graduated from high school 7 years ago. I don’t remember all the raunchy things my fellow classmates would say to each other.

But, rubbing one off to Lady Gaga really isn’t something to be ashamed of. She’s very androgynous, however, so perhaps you need to question your sexuality.

That’s all. Thanks for letting me bitch.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You KNEW I’d be worried! Talk about “jebus.” Holy crapoli, daughter. I remember when you passed out that time with Luca. I was at the Conservancy looking at tropical plants. Stop scaring me, ok? Have a talk with that kid of yours. SHE needs to learn some manners and respect for authority 🙂

  2. Now you’ve done it… you’ve posted the phrase Jerk Off a bunch of times. Now you’ll get that many more hits on that search.

    I’ve got a post brewing about some of the goofy searches I get hits from, the funniest being from when I quoted Holy Grail, “I wave my private parts at your Aunties.”

    Now I keep getting hits from India, who are searching “Indian Aunties.” I have no idea what that’s about…

    • That’s one thing I kind of like about wordpress, is that I don’t see where people are coming from. When I see people searching for Cassie Conti or Lynn’s daughter, Cassie, I kind of get freaked out. This is when, for me, ignorance is bliss.

  3. I feel your pain on the patients that don’t really want help. So many act as if they’ve checked into the Hilton instead of the hospital. And I’m all for a patient having the right to say no, because we all know doctors don’t really know everything, but those patients that refuse everything? They can’t be there for the food.
    And yeah, jebus on the passing out and taking the copier with you. That sped through the grapevine so fast. I’m glad you’re not playing tough girl and taking the time let your body do what it needs to do. I know when I was pregnant with Louie, I almost fainted in the shower a few times. Low blood pressure + baby = TAKE IT EASY!! 🙂

    • It’s just that, I can’t help them, and that frustrates me. I wish people would care more about their bodies… and isn’t it mostly that the complainers or refusers are smokers who will keep on keeping on…until we put them in a body bag.

  4. Oh my gosh! So glad you are ok! That had to be so scary and frustrating. Take care of yourself mama!

  5. Yeah, where ARE those enema vids?!

  6. This was a truly funny rant! Well, except for the part about you being dizzy. No fun in that at all. During one of my pregnancies, I fainted into a rack of coats at JC Penneys. I didn’t even get a coat out of it!

    Search words: Hilarious. We get them too, especially if I have written something salty. Rich is like a college professor, so it doesn’t happen much when he writes. They are good for a laugh, though.

  7. You complain to us any old time you feel like it!

    The #1 reason I use Google Analytics is to see all the crazy search terms people put in that take them to Bachelor Girl. “Boob Koozie” is consistently in the top ten.

    • That’s what I love/hate about WordPress. I automatically get the searched items on the stats page, however, I can never see where they are searching from. However, I’d really rather not know. Especially if it’s my neighbor searching those things…

  8. Soon after we first moved to Lawrenceville, a pot hole on Rt 28 not only blew my tire but also bent the wheel drum. Thanks, Pittsburgh. That was $600 I really didn’t need to spend that day.

    I’m afraid to check the Google searches for my blog. And for the record, I found yours searching for my favorite nun, Sister Mary Margaret McBride. (As far as you know.)

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