holy busy, batman!

I wrote up the September schedule out on our white board and stepped back.


I am completely booked every weekend from now until the middle of October.

On top of that, I have about ten separate projects in the works.

So enter last Sunday at my niece’s 5th birthday party. I was standing by the house on the driveway bs-ing with my father in law when my mother in law drove up. She opened her door and screamed, “Cassie! Come here! I need you!”

So I walked over there and she had that really sad look of desperation on her face. First off – her only daughter is getting married in a few weeks and she still hasn’t found shoes. I can dig that. Stress sucks. So she hands me this folded piece of paper that has a picture of a Roman Warrior on it. I looked at her confused, and she asked me if I could draw it a bit larger for a church event.

“So…how big does this need to be?”

“Um…” she hands me a roll of brown paper and says, “Six feet?”

“And…um…when do you need this by?”

“Yah, ah, a week? Two at the most?”

Here’s my dilemma. I’d do anything for any family member in need. But I haven’t drawn for real since high school. Maybe I did some post-high school. I can’t remember. Either way, it’s been forever.

So this morning, after I went to the gym and I plunked Luca down for his nap, I taped the roll of paper to the wall and sat quietly, in an attempt to channel my old high school art teacher Mr. Jones.

Remember those WWJD wrist bands that the cool Christians used to wear? Well, it became ridiculously popular during my tenure in high school. So we’d joke all the time and say, “What would Jones do?” He was extremely particular, and while he may have been an ass to me after I won first place, he was good. Very good. And believed in me. So we’d all joke around saying, “WWJD?” when we couldn’t figure out why our lines weren’t coming out right, why our grids didn’t add up, or why our paint wasn’t mixing right.

So there I sat. Facing my dining room wall and this annoyingly large piece of paper and thought, what would Jones do?

Well, I gridded the shit out of that paper. And I drew that Roman Warrior. Drew him right, damnit. And he’s on my dining room wall, taunting me, because I can’t find my charcoal to finish it. I just want to be finished. My mechanical pencil just isn’t cutting it.

It’s all drawn…I just have to darken it.

It’s still taunting me.

(Oh and to the right is Claire’s artwork. It’s almost Picassoish looking. I’m a big fan. I may have to frame it.)

So we took a break to make Claire’s birthday thank you cards. Sure, her party isn’t for another month, but I’m trying to get ahead of myself.

Then, I went out to the mailbox and found that the fabric I had ordered came. I almost peed my pants with excitement. Mom wants me to make her some drapes, because the ones I made for Carly turned out so well:

Yup. I made three of these.

So, I’m not completely incompetent and Mom trusts me to make her some curtains, too.

I also finished the diaper-cake-turned-wedding-cake for Melissa.

(For Bachelor Girl) I used foam rings and wrapped them with the chocolate ribbon. The inset is rolled up towels wrapped in brown fabric (from Melissa’s registry) and wrapped in cream ribbon.   It’s topped with her utensil caddy and utensils. I have a rose as an embellishment, too.

I’m running low on my creative juice. Just today, I think. I feel much better having done a giant brain dump on y’all, though. I’ve been busy…

Oh! And I was kind of sort of published today! I was asked to try some Greek Yogurt for my favorite heath blog: Fooducate! Here it is!

AND! Carly and I were recognized for being kinda cool by none other than Bluz! He’s way cooler, though. (Thanks, by the way!)


It’s still taunting me.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Wow! You really are busy, bur you are also amazingly creative. Not to worry. I get the impression that you work best under pressure. What a great gift you made and the picture you’re working on will be fabulous, I’m sure.

  2. He looks like the Ottawa Senators mascot. (Which only means that it’s a good think it’s not the spring, or else it would promptly choke.)

  3. I am so impressed with your creative projects. All of them are amazing. I love the color of the curtains and that is the cutest diaper cake I’ve ever seen.

  4. Holy cramoli! You’re a terrific artist!

    And I LOOOOOVE the cake! What a great idea!

  5. Voskos rules. That is all.

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