I’m not a betting man


Good thing I’m not a man, then. So husband of mine calls me from work yesterday to ask me if I want to bet in something called King of the Hill.

Personally, I think he was still feeling bad that he didn’t invite me to play in their Fantasy Football team…especially after I heard several of the guys’ wives were participating. And I’m pretty good at picking people. Seriously. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

So this King of the Hill.  Here’s how it works. I pick an NFL team that I think will win. Any team. BUT I can only pick that team once. Regardless if I make it to the playoffs or not. You can never pick that team again. Ever.

There’s just something so final about that.

And I’m really not a fan of football in general.

So I’m torn.

I have to have my pick in by 2 PM today or I’m out. And I have to pick right, or I’m out.


I’m totally lacking my Y chromosome today. I have no friggin’ clue who I’m going to pick. I said to Matt his morning:

“I think I’m going to go with Carolina.”

“I wouldn’t do that.”


“Because I was going to go with New York.”

“But…but…Carolina has gone 8-0 against the NFC!”

“Oh, well then I’m going with Arizona, then.”

“WHAT?!? Who do I go with then?”

“It’s your pick, hun.”

“But when I said I wanted to go with Arizona yesterday and you laughed at me.”




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  1. I’m assuming you are doing this on Friday, since your post is dated the 10th. Remember, if you last the season, you will only be picking 17 teams (17 weeks)… just over half the teams in the NFL.

    Arizona is playing a bad team with a rookie QB, but they are a pretty shaky teams this year. New QB. Lost WR Boldin.

    Carolina is playing the Giants. That’s a pretty even match. I wouldn’t touch that game in week 1. You want a lopsided game.

    Three games have the biggest point spreads from Vegas (6.5 pts): Giants over Panthers, Tennessee over Oakland, Chicago over Detroit. But point spreads in week 1 are iffy things. Only game I’d consider there is Tennessee.

    Here’s my suggestion. Buffalo will probably be the worst team in the NFL. Might lose every game. They play Miami this week. That would be my play. My second choice would probably be San Fran over Seattle (another bad team).

    Good luck!

  2. I say heed the Carpetbagger. He’s using actual true facts.

  3. I only know two football teams, the New Orleans Saints and the LSU Tigers. Does that help?

  4. Woo-hoo! Ravens win. Cassey lives to pick again.

  5. Sorry. I know it’s Cassie… stupid submit button.

  6. My early favorite is Green Bay over Buffalo in Green Bay.The Bills are bad and will be worse on the road.

    Couple other possibilities: Atlanta over Arizona, KC over Cleveland, or Colts over the Giants (only because there’s no way Peyton Manning is going to be 0-2, right?)

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