My dog got fat under the dining room table

There’s one room in the house that only gets the Dyson treatment weekly – the dining room.

I guess you could technically say that the rug is cleaned three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, rather. Dyson doesn’t do that. Sadie-Dog does.

Being a animal owner is wonderful, in the fact that you only have to take your animal to the vet every other year for check ups. All their shots are either every two years or every three. Pretty freaking fantastic, if you ask me. Especially when I have to take my kids (until the age of 2) every several months for shots and such. Lame.

So, it was time. Time to take the herd to the vet. I packed the cats into their cages and put the collar on the dog and got them all into the Jeep. I was feeling good. Hopeful. It’s been two years, so they’re due, right?

The time came to get Sadie-dog onto the scale. She’s a good listener for the most part, and got right on. It ticked up and up and up…

72 pounds!?! 72 POUNDS!?!

I looked at my dog and shook my head. “Fattie, you’re going on a diet.”

When we first got Sadie-dog (First name: Sadie Last name: Dog) she was 27 pounds and pathetic. You could read newsprint on her nose, see the belt marks on her back, feel every single rib and the scabs on her hips were just starting to heal up.

It was such a sad sight.

Now, here I was with a dog who, thanks to good genes, didn’t quite represent the meatball I was imagining her to be. But she was 20 pounds over weight.

We’re not quite sure what Sadie-dog is. We’ve made guesses in the past but Matt and I have come to the conclusion she has the body of a Whippet and the head of a Lab. (Whippets are medium sized Grey Hounds.) Her ideal body weight is between 50 and 60 pounds.

“But…I already have her on Iam’s fat dog food! And she runs around in the back yard every night! We take her on walks! What the heck?!?” I said to the Vet.

“Well, whatever the package recommends, cut the amount in thirds. That should help, some. She’s getting older, so you want her to lose some weight so her joints don’t rebel later on.”

“Sigh. Looks like you’re going on a diet, Dog.”

I texted Matt how much she weighed and he simply wrote back, “Fattie.”

So….Meatbolio is now getting a third of the food the package recommends. The thing I love about Sadie-dog is that she doesn’t complain at all. Not one bit. There are times when Matt forgets to feed her in the morning and her bowl sits empty for hours but she doesn’t sit there and whimper. She just goes on with her day as if she were just in the way or something.


When Matt and I were eating dinner the night after the Vet’s visit, Claire dropped some peas on the ground by accident. Within two seconds, a head came out from under the table like a Hungry Hungry Hippo and they were gone.

“Oh lord. Sadie got fat from hiding under the dining room table, Matt.”

“Yup. She sure did.”

Now I don’t feel so bad cutting her food into thirds. She’s clearly getting enough because my kids are clumsy eaters.  And she’s a touch lazy. And she’s 20 pounds over weight.

72 POUNDS!!!


In other news, my roof is currently being repaired. The whole shebang. I’m in a touch of a quandary since I have no clue how I’ll get the kids to nap. The roofers were supposed to be here Thursday and Friday, but clearly that didn’t happen since they’re up there now banging away.

And what do they do when they have to go to the bathroom? Pee in a jar? Poop in a bag? I mean, they won’t knock on my door to use my bathroom. Do they have bionic bladders? I’m actually half tempted to ask them.



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  1. “Meatbolio.” I love it.

    Sadie Dog and Chihuahua Rat need to go to Fat Camp together.

  2. This made me laugh so hard. Oh Sadie dog. I am so impressed that she doesn’t freak out when you don’t feed her. We have a cat that is roughly the size of a pumpkin. We feed her low fat food, portioned out over the day to no avail! And I don’t even think she eats table scraps…

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