It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Last night I went to bed with my Malkin tee on and a smile. Can you smell that? Yup…it’s hockey season. It’s more exciting than Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday, my birthWEEK, and Hanukkah combined. No more shall our evenings be full of lame Noggin cartoons or silence. No more shall I bake cookies for no particular reason. No more shall our house remain devoid of cheer.  And no more shall my jersey hang sadly in the closet.

It’s hockey season, baby!

For most people, this is a sad time of year. School is back in session, summer is over, days are shorter, it’s colder. But not for me. I’m not in school, I love fall and spring, my days are going to be long regardless of the sun’s schedule and I hate the heat.

Right now, it’s kind of a crappy time for me, being as I’m so busy. Plus Luca is sick with a cold and Matt’s sick with a sinus infection.

BUT the roofers are done (finally!) I don’t have to mow the lawn anymore, I can finally put away my embarrassing shorts, the air conditioner is nearly non-existent, I get to carve pumpkins soon, dress the kids up in silly costumes, and dream about having a white Christmas.

See what Hockey season brings?

Hockey season is also the way Matt and I bond best. We’re not party-goers. We don’t go out on dates often because we hate to rely on others to watch our kids (I know, we’re lame.) And we are so different that it’s not often that we have something in common. I love that we’re different. But I love that we both get excited about hockey. He’s guaranteed to be home 30 minutes before the drop of the puck, since we have to eat dinner first.  (*We don’t eat dinner in front of the TV. I figure if I take the time to make it, everyone will take the time to enjoy it.*) Plus, it’s a fun to be excited about something.

And we get excited about it from September to June. Super duper excited if in June it’s still us playing.

Most people say that the hockey season is too long. I say boo. Sometimes a team is just having an off day, how is it fair to base that on one single game? Hockey requires an increased amount of athleticism that you don’t find in football. Football requires athleticism, yes, but it’s very stop and go. Hockey is nearly nonstop, endurance pumping, adrenaline rushing, hard to score, checking into the boards, crazy until the buzzer sounds action. And once you master the whole ‘following the puck’ deal, you’re good to go.

Hockey is what makes me happy. It’s what makes my husband extra happy. Hell, Claire even gets excited. And she can name at least 5 players on the team. And all current, too.

So everyone with me now: LET’S GO PENS!


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  1. Woot Woot!

  2. Let’s Go Pens!

    I love the start of hockey season! Welcome back, boys, we’ve missed you!

    Ooh, that reminds me… I gotta call Comcast and get my Center Ice package…

  3. I don’t get into hockey, but football has the same effect in our house. And I’m glad it’s back on!

    I’m just jealous that you can already put your shorts away. I’m hoping by the end of October we can do the same!

    • It’s supposed to be in the 80’s for the rest of the week, but by this weekend it’ll be a happy 60 degrees. LOVE IT!

      And don’t worry, between me and Bluz you’ll get plenty of hockey excitement.

  4. You make me laugh, little lady. Amen to putting the embarrassing shorts away, but not too soon here, I’m afraid. TRIPLE digits (yes, you read that right) coming our way this weekend… um, yay? I just hope that we don’t get fire with all this heat.

  5. Fall rocks. Love the cool weather. Love sleeping with the window open. Love the colors. Love the smells. Love the food. Love the football. Hockey’s okay, too. It’s growing on me. I think you should teach Claire all the names of the Russian players. Freak her teachers out.

  6. Everything I know about hockey would fit on the head of a pin, and I’ve been to exactly one hockey game in my entire life. Nevertheless, because of you, The Guy and I consider ourselves loyal Pens fans!

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