And I’m having a….

BABY! Yup. Nothing new. I went to the hospital today for the routine second trimester ultrasound and found out what I’m having. That’s right. I found out. Ready for it?

That’s right. I’m having THE TERMINATOR. Personally, I couldn’t believe that the ultrasound tech actually thought I’d want to have this photo. But then again, she must have known me better than I thought. See – spending 45 minutes with a woman who is fondling your stomach and taking measurements of your growing fetus gets you in tune with each other. Or at least that is my thinking.

So previously, I was totally thinking girl. I’m still thinking girl. And not because Claire says it’s a girl, but because prior to seeing this little bugger up close and personal, I don’t know…I just got that feeling. I had it with Claire, I had it with Luca. I was right with both. So, what are the odds I can go 3/3? Plus, I totally like my girl name better than my boy name.

Off track! So then, I saw this image:

…and I totally had Claire flashbacks. Luca had his finger in his mouth the whole time sucking on that thumb. And just about 20 minutes ago, you would have witnessed the same thing. Except in addition to the thumb sucking, he carries around a blanket. Totally circa Linus from Peanuts. I think had I been able to birth him holding on to a blanket and his thumb in his mouth, I would have.

So thinking about the ultrasounds I’ve had in the past with the other kids, I can totally see their personalities shine right on through. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, you know. During Claire’s ultrasound, she was compliant. Stubborn in the beginning, but then let the doctor get all the measurements and even let me have a good set of photos to bring home and brag about.

During Luca’s ultrasound, we barely got a measurement of his hands and feet because, well, he was too busy moving. The ultrasound tech asked me if I had had caffeine that morning, which I replied, “No, the baby just moves…a lot.” His photos were awkward to say the least and the best one I had was of his head being torqued back like he was starting to sneeze. Sigh.

So this afternoon, I thought, I need a photo of those two together. A decent one.

If y’all remember, the last attempt I had at getting a photo of them together was this:

So I attempted to have a redo:

YAY! I am satisfied. Never mind that Claire is pantless (she’s got undies on, though,) Luca’s shirt has tomato stains on it, he’s wielding a plastic butcher’s knife, and Claire’s shirt does indeed say “Goat Races.”

We’re high class around this joint.

So to sum up:

I’m having the next Terminator.

Claire and Luca really do like each other.

I have to add the ultrasound tech to my list of people allowed to touch my belly.

I need to remember not to try to have the three of them pose for a photo when it’s me vs. them.

I need to brush up on zone coverage.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I agree – looking back on my 3, their personalities were evident throughout the pregnancy too. Maddie was a stretcher, she moved, but slowly. To this day, she’s laid back, borderline lazy. But I managed to have her with no meds or epidural, it didn’t even hurt that bad. Laynie was ornery. Period. Nothing could touch my stomach or she’d kick it off, including the fetal monitors during labor. I was in labor for a month (not kidding) and in hard labor for over a day and they finally had to vacuum her out. She’s still ornery – my little tyrant. Louie’s feet never stopped moving and they still haven’t stopped. I think it’s really cool that they’re so hard-wired from the get go. Nature vs. Nurture is truly the struggle for the ages.
    Glad it’s a baby, btw. Congrats. I’m not sure Claire would have been happy with puppies. . .

  2. Yay for the redo! But I’m glad you mentioned that the butcher knife was plastic. Otherwise, I thought you had a future serial killer on your hands. I’m hopeful that he doesn’t get any ideas about carving up his sister’s toys.

    PS: OMG, it IS the Terminator! “Come wid me if you want to be born.”

    • Well, I won’t cross out the possibility of a serial killer here. You just…never know.

      My Mom says she’s going to call the baby “Aaanold.” Which is funny, because we used to joke around when I was pregnant with Claire and call her “Jenn-nay” from Forest Gump.

  3. The Terminator, that is hilarious. I know it’s still super early, but mine was moving around like a jumping bean today.

    Also, love the new pic of the kiddos!

  4. According to the second ultrasound pic, it may be a contortionist, as well. Which can be a handy skill. New pic of the kids is priceless. Luca’s expression is awesome. First ultrasound is like a rorschach test. Me? I see a closed circuit 7/11 camera image looking down on a guy buying something at a counter. I don’t want to know what that means about me.

    • I had to look back at that one and see for myself. Sadly, I could see it, too. Wow. It’s almost creepy.

      Yah, Luca is very good at expressions. In that photo he was pretty much saying, “Maaaaamaaaa…I’m going to give you a hard time!”

  5. I had my last baby 7 years ago. I can’t believe how clear the ultrasound photos are now! Love the pics of your two kids, especially the one with them crying…is that wrong that I got such pleasure from it?

  6. That’s funny. Hold on to that Terminator picture…that’s some good parent bribery right there. 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t been here lately, I forgot to save your blog addy. (I’m like that…memory is 3 seconds long. I’m part goldfish.) You are very funny and a good writer. I love reading you.

    I know how you feel about the pictures. I have eight children now. Where there were six we took them to Walmart for Christmas pics. Photographer said “Okay! Three! Two! One!” and right as she clicked the shutter on her camera the baby puked this amazing arc of breastmilk, soaking not only her beautiful matching color coordinated dress, but also the pad that the photographer had her lying on. (Which makes me wonder, just how often do those things get washed? EVER??)

    When there were seven I took them (all dressed in navy blue and white) to get a surprise christmas photo done. The photographer and I were watching the little kids (baby was bursting into tears and didn’t wanna be there). Child #2 gave her a pack of gum to hold promising when we were done she could have one, she managed to sit through it. Anyhoo…we were watching the little kids. making sure they were smiling and looking at the camera. It seemed to go well. Later, when I picked up the pictures it turned out to be my oldest who needed the supervising. In the BIG picture (10×13) Everyone is smiling…except the big one who has his mouth twisted sideways and looks like a pirate. In the littler picture the kids are smiling (cept for the baby who is at least not screaming) and the big one’s mouth is wide open like someone just goosed him.

    I figure…they’re all in one place, you can see their faces, close enough! If the pics are really awful you can always photoshop clip art mustaches and things on their faces. LOL

    • HA HA HA! I almost peed myself. Isn’t that the truth, though? I say, “Good enough!” I’m not the perfectionist, Matt is. When the day is done, at least you have good kids who just suck smiling in unison. And really, who is?

      • LOL. I just showed this and your Terminator remark to my Matt who said, “Well, he did say he’d be back!” hahahaha

        Here’s hoping your baby has two normal eyes. 😀

  7. I am so happy for you, Cassie. Your children are beautiful and I’m sure the Terminator will be too. I hope they all have your raucous sense of humor!

  8. Hee hee! The terminator indeed. I hope, for your sake, you are wrong about this one. Thanks for stopping by 4mothers1blog. I look forward to exploring more of your blog.

  9. Terminator Baby is going to have the best mom and the cutest siblings of any baby on the planet, terminator or not.

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