you CAN have your cake and eat it, too!

What a weekend. Let me start by saying that. As I have previously mentioned, my life, as of a few weeks ago, began to be extremely hectic. This weekend was by no means an exception.

Yesterday I had to work at the hospital for only eight of my usual twelve hours. Normally, that is excuse to be super excited, but work was busy and when the clock ticked down to 3, I wan’t prepared to go. I was still passing pain medications as I was moseying down the hallway.

Any normal shift, I’d stay until my work was done. My work was done – I was just rushed. I had to be in West Virginia by 5:30 for a wedding reception. Matt’s coworker and King of the Hill operator (by the way, I’m still alive!) was getting married and we had planned to go for months.

But alas! What did I register for waaaaay back in April? The Richard S. Caliguriri Great Race of Pittsburgh. On September 26th.


I decided that we needed to either A.) Go to the wedding and not the race or B.) Go to the race and not the wedding. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and lord only knows what I’m capable of at that point in my life. We just couldn’t do both!

A few months back, I tried to find the receipt on stating that I had in fact registered for it and I wasn’t hallucinating. When I couldn’t find it, I just assumed that I must have been crazy and just sort of forgot about it and decided on going to the wedding.

On WEDNESDAY I got an e-mail stating that I have in fact been registered for the race, paid and even had a shirt waiting for Matt and I in the South Side. Oh – and it’s sold out. So this is kinda a big deal. And I was super excited to do it.

So here’s what I did:

I worked the crap out of that eight hour shift.

I got home at 3:35 and was ready to go in full on dress and makeup by 3:50.

By 4:10 we were on the road.

At 5:30 we were in Wheeling, WV.

Around 9ish we left the reception and got home around 10:30.

I was in bed by 11.

Luca was awake, screaming bloody murder at 5. I’m imagining it had something to do with teething since his little incisors are busting through, but he was so angry-man syndrome, that I made him crawl into bed with me where he fell asleep after much coaxing.

Matt and I were up and out the door at 6:45 to head downtown for the race.

At 7:30 we were riding on a bus to Oakland.

At 8:35 the race began.

Now, I didn’t prepare for this race. The last time I ran was a few weeks ago. I still go to the gym 5 days a week, don’t get me wrong. But that’s the elliptical and biking and weight training….

I knew I wasn’t going to get a good time. Furthermore, I knew I wouldn’t even come close to my other 5K times of 26 minutes, 26:30 and 28:02 (the hilly Race for the Cure.) I just wanted to be under 35 minutes, to be honest.

So witness if you will (and really, just speed up to 2:16) and look for me in all my glory wearing a baby blue Malkin tee, black pants and my diva sunglasses.

My actual time was 31:57. But hey – I’m thrilled. I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I didn’t train. I just ran. And I didn’t stop until after I crossed that finish line.

Matt on the other hand did flipping fantastic. He finished his first mile in 6:30. And after not running for 3 weeks and not running more than a few miles at at time since our last 5K in May, he finished with a chip time of 23:38.

That’s my man.

So see? I was stressing myself out. Thinking, there’s no way in frigging hell that I can do both the race and the wedding. What am I, nuts?

But I can and I did. I paced myself, took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and drank a lot of water. Never once did I put myself or baby in harm’s way. I just did what my body allowed me to.

So sure, I didn’t run a fantastic race. In fact, if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d probably be pretty embarrassed with that time, but I’m SO NOT. I ran the city streets of Pittsburgh! From my old stomping ground of Oakland to Point State Park.

I’m going to take a moment to pat myself on the back and say, “I’m the shit.”

(So is Matt.)


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  1. Baby, you ARE the shit, and so much more. I mean that as a compliment 🙂

  2. Ummm…yes, you are the shit, but so am I b/c I watched your kids while you were at the wedding AND running. 🙂 Just had to put in my two cents, too.

  3. I swear, you’re freakin’ Superwoman. Your S is in the mail.

  4. You are freaking AWESOME. At 20 wks pregnant I wouldn’t be running anywhere (with Abby my tummy popped out overnight and at 19 wks I looked 6 mos pregnant). As a mommy you can do more than you think you can. It helps to have a kickass partner and support to watch the kids sometimes and you have both. So now, relax and enjoy being you!

    • I’m very fortunate in many ways. This pregnancy is so easy (as were most of mine) that my belly is hardly even showing. Most people have no clue just looking at me that I’m preggo. Plus, Matt is fantastic. He’s the worlds greatest dad, and that’s a huge understatement.

  5. I knew somehow when I met you at the Bluzfest that you had super powers! Not only that; you are the most tenacious person I’ve ever heard of! You are just a ‘can do’ girl and nothing’s going to stop you. Hooray for both you and Matt! BTW, I would have mozied in from the race around Thursday.

    • See, tenacious is probably correct. I have a problem with the whole, once I set my mind to it, I do it. Good or bad. I was the same way with the Army. Why else would someone run for 5 weeks on a broken hip?

  6. I am SO impressed! You really are super mom. 🙂 I started getting so nauseous when I was running and early pregnant that I just switched to walking. But I’m walking a lot and plan on getting back to running after the baby comes (at least I hope!)

    Congrats to both of you on the great run!

    • You can definitely get back into the swing. And once you’re a ‘regular’ runner, then when you have baby #2, you’ll probably be able to run during it. I will say, though, I just broke my golden rule or not making assumptions that people, while pregnant, are going to have another baby, so I do apologize.

  7. You and Matt are TOTALLY the shit!!

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