beware the wrath of the stink bug

THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! The stink bug has officially invaded Pittsburgh. And I’m not just talking a few, I’m saying that I’ve had at least 25 in my house alone. It’s been all over the news. Seriously.






No joke. The one link is about a woman’s house in McKeesport that was invaded by THOUSANDS of these suckers. THOUSANDS.


On a day like today, I figured with having all my windows closed, I’d be safe from the bugs. But I was wrong…so very wrong.

It’s no surprise to y’all about my love for my Dyson. Well, Dyson has a boo-boo. A stink bug sized boo-boo.

I was minding my own business, cleaning the house up when I heard a crunch and smelled this horrific smell. WTF?!? I looked in the filter and saw a stink bug swirling around in the cannister. Oh ick! The smell, oh the smell. Just then I heard another crunch and the smell got worse. HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! ANOTHER ONE?!?

Again, I looked in the cannister and saw that my once lonely bug now had a friend swirling about.

The smell. I mean, the smell! CH3–(CH2)2–CH=CH–CHO is to blame. Damn chemistry.

And worse, did you know that people EAT them in Laos? They’re considered delicious. Barf.

So being as my Dyson has a boo-boo and stinks to high heaven, I did what any normal, respectable person who loves the stuffing out of their Dyson would do. I stuffed it in the closet, stink bug and all and will wait until Matt gets home to handle his business.

I am, after all, smart.


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  1. So glad I live in the city. We’ve seen a precious few. Part of the benefits of not having grass and trees and bushes… you know, nature. Don’t worry, the first frost cannot be far off.

  2. Um…won’t that make everything in the closet stink? I’d put it on the back porch or something. And I would have sworn we didn’t have those in PA, but I guess I was wrong, huh?

    New blog! Stop by when you can. ❤

  3. The Guy and I have an agreement.

    I am literally phobic of spiders. (Like, it’s really a problem in certain situations.) Therefore, he kills any and all spiders, no questions asked.

    He hates wasps. I wouldn’t call it a phobia, but he really, REALLY doesn’t like them. Therefore, when it comes to wasps, I am Kelly the Exterminator.

    It works.

    I’m so sorry about your Dyson!! How dare those nasty stink bugs defile it!!

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