it’s 4 a.m. Do you know where my sanity is?

I’ve seemed to have lost it. All of it. I knew the day would come, and a few days ago it started. You guessed it: PREGNANCY INDUCED INSOMNIA.

It’s the friggin’ worst.

The worst part? At 4 a.m. who can you complain to? Seriously? So I took to facebook:

And who would answer in such a timely manner? Yup. My best girl buddy, Nicole. Never mind the fact that she’s got a 7 week old at home. And her husband is out on a business trip. And she has a 4 year old.

She’s there to console me at 4 a.m. Or at least feel my pain. We then proceeded to have a 15 comment-fest. Those are the best.

On another note, look at all the fun things I get to do!

1. I get to write a blog about it. I mean, c’mon, isn’t that fun? Hmm…

2. Did you know that Nick Cannon and Ashton Kutcher are the ‘spokespeople’ for Teen Nick. Seems so wrong. They’re older to me. And married to women WAY older than me.

3. Gullah Gullah Island is on. For reals.

4. I get to watch all kinds of cool infomercials. Today’s awesome topic was “College in your PJ’s.” Because, who wants all the frat party, body shots, beer drinking, hungover class having, date raping fun? Not this girl. Sign me up!

5. And not only can I watch that infomercial, but I can watch twenty different kinds. Right now, I can get “Painless hair removal,” while using a 3 in 1 machine to get a hot body, after taking my “new and improved” sleeping pill. And when I wake up, I can whip up a 3 course breakfast with my Magic Bullet – with juice.

6. The dog is so pathetic – she won’t even join me. But I hear her upstairs moving around. Torn. Thinking: Should Sadie stayz up herre in Sadie’s tiny recliner-chair or go downstairz with mean lady?

7. Claudia Schiffer even has a product to sell. I’ll hold out for Janice Dickinson. That’d be an infomercial worth watching. I especially hope it’s AFTER she uses all the mind-altering drugs.

8. It’ll be 6:30 before I know it and the whole house will be awake. Me? I’ll be hurting. Yup. Most definitely hurting.

Pray for me.

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. All the best posts come from misery.

    When I get spells like that, I always tell myself I should just get up and do something… read, write, watch TV… but I never do; I just keep laying there. Eventually I fall asleep though, usually about 10 minutes before the alarm goes off.

  2. Wait what?! Nobody warned me about this… right now I sleep like I’ve been running marathons all day long (you know, except for the waking up every 2 hours to pee). This is going to change? I do not like this…

    • Well…it’s different for everyone. I had it real bad with Luca. Once I was about 5 months along I’d wake up over something simple and then I’d never be able to fall back asleep. It sucks. The day before I went into labor with him I was up all night unable to sleep. Just wait! If you’re lucky you’ll get restless leg syndrome. My friend Nicole and I would share stories about how long we could hold a squat just to make the awful feeling go away.

    • Cassie’s right. It is different for everyone. I slept like the dead through my entire pregnancy and never had insomnia. Don’t worry too much because that’s likely to keep you awake! LOL!

  3. I was awake too, just not online. We’re all sick with cholera or the black plague (they’re two different things, right?) or something. Matt and Abby took a nap and woke up at 10pm…there was some planning there, Dad. So we were up til about 4:30. I’m feeling your pain. Or maybe it’s all mine. My head hurts.

    • Cholera was the diarrhea thing I think. I remember it from when I used to play Oregon Trail back in the ’90’s. Plague was where the song “Ring around the rosie” came from.


  4. OH MY GOSH!! Did you ever get to sleep?!?!

  5. I’m sharing in your pain now, but it isn’t quite 4 a.m. yet. Evening coffee. It’s doing me in. Will I learn? Probably not until the semester of German 2 is over. *sigh*

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