Brain dump

Wow is it ever great to know that I’m not alone while being organizationally challenged. It’s one of those things that you hate to admit, because it seems so dang simple, but there it is. I suck at being organized. And since my post, have I done anything to fix my issue? No, not so much.

But there’s a reason why!

Matt’s brother is in town! And his sister is getting married tomorrow! And Luca is mysteriously not sleeping at night! And I’m effing tired.

Last night the Pens…well, they lost. It’s OK. It really is.

OK, so it’s really not. We lost to the Flyers first of all and what’s worse? They scored the first goal in Consol. That’s a memory for a lifetime. A really crappy one at that. And I really, REALLY loathe Hartnell. I mean, really truly.

But watching Mario pour that water from the Igloo on Consol’s ice was … well … it made me tear up a bit. I won’t lie. And each time they replay it is just like the first time all over again. And he was on skates. SKATES. I love Mario. (And those who don’t know Mario Lemieux, it’s pronounced Mary-o. He’s French Canadian and special. Just an FYI.)

Either way, I enjoyed the game with Carly, her boyfriend Ben and my Mom. I made peanut butter pie, Mom made veggie stew and I ate half a loaf of bread. Then the Pens lost.

I swear, I’m not bitter.

So after the Pens lost, I went to bed, a woman scorned. (I find the Pens a secret lover of mine. Orpik especially. Talbot, you too. Staal, sure. Join in. Heck, I even think Malkin is cute.) I fell asleep around midnight because being pregnant is SO MUCH FUN SOMETIMES and I just couldn’t get comfortable. I’m a back sleeper, so sue me. Boo hiss. Worst part? I had to work the next day.

Enter Luca. He woke up every hour, on the hour. At 4:30 I finally gave up and called off work. I had only 2 hours of sleep under my belt and Luca was seemingly wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. So we went downstairs and watched TV.

I hate calling off work. I really, REALLY hate calling off work. Partly because I only work 2 days a week and also because I really do love my job. Plus, the awesome patients I had yesterday kept asking me if I’d be back the next day and I said, “Of course! You’ll see me bright and early in the morning!” And I lied.

I’m a liar.

I suck.

But sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to tap out. And this morning, I tapped out. When I called off, the charge nurse on nights said, “Hun, you don’t have to apologize to me, kids come first. You can’t help that sometimes. Just take care of Luca.” And I felt instantly better.

But tired.

Enough complaining. Tomorrow is Melissa’s big day! Claire is a flower girl and Matt is also in the wedding, but no worries, guys. I’ll have the hottest date there. Luca has a 3 piece suit and will look like a young James Bond. I would say he’s more a Peirce Brosnan. I on the other hand will be wearing a strapless 70’s print dress that makes me look like a hot mommy. I’m enjoying the fact that my belly is still small so I am going to wear whatever I please. That’s right. Plus, I work out so I must have a good upper body, right? I think I can pull off a strapless dress…Right? RIGHT?!? Crap. I should have tried it on for Carly first.

If you find me in Ohio doing push ups at 1:45 (the wedding’s at 2) please beat me with a stick.

Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of pictures. But I’ll only post the ones that make me look flattering. I’m pregnant and a touch sensitive.

Lastly, I read Carpetbagger’s blog today and found it not to be cynical at all. In fact, I agree whole heartedly. He really did his homework, that’s for sure. I learned quite a bit. It’s sad that we are so corporate these days. Even saving lives and preventing illness has a huge price tag. It’s all in who you know, I guess.

So, wish me luck not breaking my ankle tomorrow as I’m taking on some high heeled shoes and a toddler.


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  1. Luck, sweetie! And may you have a restful night’s sleep tonight! Mwah!

  2. Be well, dear. And you’re hot in whatever you wear.

  3. Oooh, that’s the SINGLE thing I’m not looking forward to about motherhood – the lack of sleep.

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