I’m so over it.

I’ve been a nurse for 4 1/2 years now, however, I can successfully say that I am SO over sick people. Check that. I’m SO over sick kids. Kids – being Claire.

What started out as a simple fever and complaints of her body aching turned into a five day fever fest that included (but not limited to): barfing, 24/7 fevers, lethargy, facial cellulitis, questionable kidney stones, bloody urine, xrays and two different kinds of antibiotics.

So let’s see. Let me first state that the kids get fevers from time to time. It’s just a fact of science. And teething. And going to the gym. So I wasn’t super concerned at first.

Next, I’d like to state that my being a nurse has no impact what-so-ever on my being a Mom. I’m a Mom first, nurse second. And yes – I still call my Mommy when I need sick kid advice. I know, I know. I went to school for sick people. But it’s different. Trust me. It only helps when a doctor is throwing out words like calcification, 2+ blood in the urine, cellulitis and blood cultures. That’s when Matt’s eyes glaze over.

I’m pretty sure the madness is over. There were no kidney stones, just an xray that showed she was full of poop. But why the blood in her urine? Well, next thought could be that she could have had strep. Plus, the fact that she had left sided facial cellulitis (an infection of the skin) could also indicate this. Oh, and FYI, it wasn’t like she was peeing blood. They found it when they did a dipstick test.

Saturday, while I was at work, Matt took Claire back to the doctor’s to follow up after her Friday appointment and xray. En route, she barfed. Everywhere. I got a slightly panicked phone call from Matt with both kids crying in the background and Claire, more specifically screaming, “Mama!! I need Mommy!” Dang. I was able to have the awesome girls I work with cover for me while I rushed off to meet Matt and the kids at the doctor’s office.

When I got there, Dr. Burns was explaining the xray to Matt. She looked at her face and said, “I think that’s some cellulitis. Let’s change up her antibiotics. But, now’s the part you’ll hate me…I need to get some blood.”

And this is when being a parent sucks. I had to hold her arm still while a nurse whom she never met came at her with a needle. And that needle didn’t come right out, nope, it had to stay there for a few minutes. Try explaining that to a 3 year old.

“But Mama. I don’t want to give bread. I don’t want them to take my bread!”

“Hun, it’s your blood and they just need to test it and make sure you’re not super sick.”

“But I’m scared.”


The fact that I didn’t start bawling on the spot when she was whimpering is beyond me. I suppose it’s because I knew I had to stay strong for her. But it still sucked. Really bad.

Then they needed to get blood from her other arm. That was it. She was done. She was screaming and saying, “I sorry! No more bread! I sorry!”

Dr. Burns poked her head in and said, “Stop the torture. That should be fine.”

That afternoon was full of fevers and another throw up session. Matt and I were exhausted and emotionally drained and Claire was just plain drained. She sat on my lap for a few hours until bed time and sort of just painfully went through the motions of life.

At 3 AM she woke up with another fever. Damn.

However – since then, she’s been fever-free. We go back to the doctor’s at 3:30 this afternoon to review her blood work and make sure she’s on the mend. But, my Mommy radar is pretty sure she’s better. And my nurse radar concurs.

She had us scared there for a while. I won’t lie. And I really could have done without the throwing up. I mean, what was up with that?!

So the only issue that remains is that she needs to poop. No worries, though. She just ate about 50 grapes. It’s like watching a ticking time bomb.

Thank God she’s potty trained.

This is yet another reason why I could never work at Children’s Hospital. I can take care of the elderly and 30 year olds who either have unfortunate circumstances or just don’t give a damn about themselves. I can hold a child of a patient’s hand and tell them to just stay strong, but I could never do that if it was the parent of a child. I’d burn out in a week. Two, tops. And while I know that I’m a good nurse, I’m not so sure that would translate in another specialty where small bodies are involved. Yup. I love me some old people.

After all of this madness, I needed to feel better. So I took to irritating my step dad who is from Philadelphia:

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Cassandre wrote:

Do these numbers mean anything to you? 5-1 and 4-3?

From: Joseph
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2010 11:26 AM
To: Cassandre
Subject: Re:

Your height, with Doc Marten’s and without?

From: Cassandre
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2010 12:55 PM
To: Joseph
Subject: Re:

How about your home town sucking. Bad.


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  1. Poor little thing. Hope your baby feels better right quick.

  2. Oh my goodness, poor Claire! I can barely take it when one of my dogs is sick, I can’t even imagine the agony of seeing your baby like that. I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Poor you. I feel your pain. My baby Kaia was disgnosed by phone with ITP. I took her to the local ER to be sure. They did a timed bleed test (they made her bleed and timed how long it took to stop. It didn’t) and our pediatrician told me I had to take her to Pittsburgh children’s Hospital. He was so calm, he knew what was going on from the beginning, and then my then-husband was calm about it too, I’m sure that’s why I survived. Did I mention I was about to give birth as well?? Yeah. Interesting. 🙂 We were in Pittsburgh from Sunday to Wednesday, spent Wednesday night in my own bed and Thursday morning went into labor. (UGH) Everyone came out of that week alive and well so I can’t complain.

    And ROFL at your emails. 🙂

  4. POOR CLAIRE! And poor YOU! The doctor’s office episode would’ve slain me, I’m sure of it.

  5. I hope your little girl is feeling better. I hate when kids are sick, especially when you don’t know why. Getting an ear infection or a strep throat diagnosis always made me feel better because there was something I could DO. Reading about Claire having to give blood reminded me of when I took Kate in for an abcess on her leg. The doc decided it had to be drained and cultured. It took three of us to hold my 32-pound baby down. It SUCKED.

  6. Wow. Rough week. Hope Claire is feeling better. Hope Matt gets some therapy. Hope you get some peace of mind. And I hope Philly continues to suck at most everything. (Sorry about those baseball playoffs!)

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