Holy Cat Pee, Batman!

Boscoe, the newest member of our family likes to sleep in remote areas hidden from the world. Under Luca’s crib, under Claire’s bed, the guest room bed, the basement, you know. Hidden. She’s not like Lila-Cat who steals Sadie’s bed or recliner, depending on her mood. Boscoe enjoys her space.

So it’s no surprise to us that she frequently gets locked in rooms, say for example, in Luca’s room when he’s napping. On many occasions, Luca has awoken from a nap early because Boscoe is locked in there. We usually do a Boscoe sweep of a room before we declare it empty.

Someone, and I’m not sure who, closed the guest bedroom door. We never really noticed that Boscoe was missing, per se, we just more or less noticed we were a cat short…sorta.

Around 4:30, I asked Claire to go get her kitty frame from her room. I had developed a photo of her stuffed kitten, Kitty, that she makes Matt take with her to work. The picture is more specifically, “Super Kitty,” Kitty’s alter-ego. She went upstairs, then yelled down and said, “Mama! I locked my door. I can’t get in!”


I opened up the door next to hers, the guest room, and was nearly knocked over by the scent.

Cat piss. And a whole lot of it.

Boscoe, the poor thing, had been locked in there. But instead of clawing at the door or crying, she slept and took it all in stride. Clearly not a cat used to being ‘belonged’ to.

There was pee stains everywhere. Seven spots on the bedding, on the pillows, the sleeping bag in the closet, some fabric swatches, the curtains…EVERYWHERE.

And I couldn’t get mad at the cat. Of course not. It wasn’t her fault. And it’s not like she’s going to go back up there and pee everywhere. She was locked in there, from what I gather, a long time.

While I cleaned, she followed me. Keeping me within a few feet, making sure she was seen. Poor thing.

I pitched everything smelling offending out the window. And for anyone who’s ever been pregnant, the sense of smell is far amplified during pregnancy. For me when I’m NOT pregnant, I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. So imagine being pregnant and having a heightened olfactory sense. YAH. IT SUCKED.

And I know, I know, pregnant people aren’t supposed to be around cat pee, but c’mon! It was in my house. In my guest room, which might I add will be Luca’s room come the arrival of the new baby. Luca will not be sleeping in a room that smells like cat piss.

Matt went upstairs and said that it didn’t smell as strong as I said it was. But thenagain, he’s stuffed up today. It smells. I win.

I’ve broken out the vinegar in the steam cleaner, dusted the carpet with baking soda, stripped all linens from the premises. It still smells. So I cracked the window for the night. I’m desperate.

And did I mention this sucks?


*Oh, and Matt was able to unlock Claire’s door. I told her if she does that again she’s sleeping on the couch.

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  1. Cat pee is the WORST SMELL EVER. As you know we’ve been battling it too. Poor Boscoe cat. My Angie cat would have probably done the same thing. 😦

  2. I’ve had cats before. Cat pee is the number 1 reason why I probably won’t have one again. When it gets hot, our front entryway emits that ammonia stench of cat pee. We’ve owned the cat-free house for 4 years. Who knows how long before that it was that this cat roamed and pee’d in our foyer? But on a hot day, the stench returns, like a ghost coming back to haunt its former living quarters… or to haunt our dog.

  3. That’s one thing I haven’t dealt with much in my 18 years of owning a cat, surprisingly enough. Colette’s been in a predicament similar to Boscoe’s except it was the door to where her litter box was – it was closed…for an entire weekend when we were in Palm Springs. Bless her little kitty heart, the only place she used as a bathroom was the linoleum floor of the kitchen – easy clean up. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Best. Cat. Ever. Period.

  4. Oh, YUCK. You’re a stronger woman than I am; I probably would’ve burst into tears.

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