a fresh new start

My Mom’s dreamed of it for years – to have an apartment in Pittsburgh – and it’s finally here. And I feel like I’ve stepped back into 1989.

I loved it as a kid, knowing that I was very close to my grandparents. I always loved it when Mom would say, “Were going to Grandma’s for dinner tonight!” And while it may have been simply because she didn’t want to cook or needed a break, Carly and I’d be ecstatic. Our days would be made. I mean, think about it. Grandmas know how to cook. My Grandma was no exception. So dinner cooked with love by Grandma, board games with Grandpa and cookies, spoiling and more cookies…life at 5 was great.

Now, for the first time, my kids get to experience that. My in-laws live 45 minutes away and up until Sunday, my Mom lived over an hour away. To go to any Grandparent for the day required planning. And I hate planning. I don’t have to plan so much now. Life is increasingly better.

So yesterday was the big moving day. Being as I can’t lift much, bend well or do any sort of organizing (since we all know how much I suck at that) I cleaned. I’m good at cleaning. Especially when it’s not my house. I gave myself a self-guided tour of the duplex and when I walked into the bathroom the world stopped turning.

According to my friend (who owns the property) the previous renter was a nurse. Her husband a cop. Now I’m going to say that this is a crime and they should be arrested. And nursing licenses should be revoked. My bathrooms are no where near immaculate. But they see a cleanser once every week. Mildew only gets 7 days to build up. The kids’ tub gets cleaned MUCH more often. The tub I was looking at at Mom’s new place? Hmm. How can I accurately explain this?

Pause it at the 4th second. That aughta do it. Yup.

OK, so it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was bad.

So I scrubbed. I scrubbed so that perhaps by having something nice and clean can make it OK to be alone. So that when it comes time to shower and wash away the day’s events, it can happen. I scrubbed so that it was one less thing to have Mom worry about.

On moving day, you should move. You shouldn’t have to clean. You should point to where things should go and you should unpack.

While I scrubbed the first layer off, Luca helped. When I scrubbed the second layer off, I sang “Margaritaville.” When I scrubbed off the third layer, I listened to Carly and best friend Ian debate the art of screwing in stuff. When I scrubbed off the fourth layer, I listened to Carly and Ian continue to talk about screws. By the fifth layer I was holding in a whole bunch of giggles. Sure, they were talking about anchors and how the screw was about an inch longer than it should have been, but C’MON. I’m an adult, but I’m not dead.

When I was done with the fifth scrubbing, I broke out the new bath mat that smelled like skunks. That sufficiently cleared out the bathroom, or at least made us all laugh. Then I hung up the new shower curtain. I put Mom’s toothbrush in the new caddy and I cleaned the mirror. I made Ian remove of the dead stink bug and I laid down the new bathroom rugs.

It may not be perfect, but it’s a big, no HUGE improvement.

It’s amazing what a kid will do for a parent. Carly did her part far more than I did. She was there a few days before, helping to do the packing. She was there to help bring things down in her car. She was there to help unload those things. She helped set up the kitchen. She helped deal with the stress. She helped watch my kids. She did awesome.

I cleaned up the previous renter’s stubble and pubic hair.

We’re good kids.

So facebook status update for the day:

I scrubbed my Mom’s tub yesterday since the previous renters thought cleaning was a sin. My back’s a little sore now. But if it keeps my Mom from getting Hepatitis C, I’m cool with that.

*Update: Seems I was a bit unclear. My friend who owns the property didn’t get a chance to clean the unit prior to Mom moving in. The previous renters moved out 2 days before Mom did. She has a full time job, a kid Claire’s age and a husband fighting cancer. I do not in any way, shape, or form hold her responsible for the way the apartment looked. Not to mention, she said she’s reimburse us for any expense in cleaning it ourselves or hiring someone. She’s a good landlord and a great friend.


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  1. Such good daughters.

    I so hate moving. In fact, that’s probably the biggest reason I’m still in the place I first moved into in Baltimore. Luckily, I’ve never had to move into a scummy place.

    And I’ve never met a Grandma that couldn’t cook.

  2. Okay, I’m sorry, but the landlord (apparently your friend, so you might want to mention this to him/her) is responsible for making the unit clean for the next renter and taking the cleaning charge out of the previous renter’s deposit. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Seriously, your mother should ask for a partial refund of her deposit (and give it to you), but I know she won’t. That’s just not right.

    And you and your sister are da bomb. Oh, yes. I used vernacular from like 7 years ago – haha!

  3. That is disgusting. GROSS. Glad to hear Grandma is close by now though. 🙂

  4. Just think. Someday the circle of life will be complete when you and Matt are moving into a duplex and Claire and Luca will be cleaning your bathroom. From this blog to God’s ears, right?

  5. OMG, Cassie, I was so distracted yesterday, but I kept wondering, “What the heck is she doing up there?” I’m about to take a dip in the tub and I thank you a MILLION times for cleaning that bad boy out. It was so good to see you yesterday and today and knowing I’ll see you again tomorrow 🙂 Love you, sweetie.

  6. YAAAAAY for your mom, YAAAAAY for you being an awesome daughter, and YAAAAAY for good landlords!

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