Andrew Bird

Did you know there was such a thing as a “Classical Whistler?” It’s true. One of my favorite artists, Andrew Bird, is one. Not only is he amazing at writing his own music, playing the violin and any string for that matter, but he whistles professionally.

I first learned about Andrew Bird when I listened to The Squirrel Nut Zippers years back. I’ve always been a fan of their album “Hot,” and he is actually in it. I didn’t really know this until I was out of high school and read the back of my Mom’s copy of the CD. He was listed as a whistler amongst other things. This intrigued me. I can whistle in tune and Claire usually makes me whistle often, but nothing to the magnitude of Andrew.

About a year ago, I searched You Tube for him and found his live stuff from a radio station in Minnesota called The Current. I remember it vaguely as a kid. Mom used to buy their yearly albums that they’d put out to support the station. My favorite song ever on any of the CDs was “Dixie the Tiny Dog,” by Peter Himmelman.

Music, if good, to me should be life changing. It should make you think of a time and place from way back when. It should be better than watching the sun set or walking the dog on a peaceful evening. It should couple with good sex and romantic dinners. It should make your kids get up and dance and act a fool in the living room.

My taste in music is quite eclectic. Anyone who knows me knows this. My iPod goes from “Ghetto Musik” by Outkast to “Let It Be Me,” by Ray Lamontagne. From The Stones to Jason Mraz. If the radio is on a station that doesn’t play crappy “music” like Katy Perry I can probably sing every lyric to the song.

On a mellow day, I love Billy Joel. On a sad day, I prefer David Grey or some good Classical like Adagio in G Minor. On fun, upbeat days, I prefer Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Squirrel Nut Zippers or even Catch 22. When I’m having a hard time making a decision, I listen to Toad the Wet Sprocket. If I’m eating dinner, I like jazz. For those special times when the kids aren’t in the house, I prefer Dave Matthews Band.

Right now it’s Andrew Bird. Just because.



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  1. Music is absolutely my mood changer & I wish we had a better stereo bc both my mom & my dad had music on all the time. Like you I like pretty much anything that isn’t crap – if its got a good tune and/or a good beat I’m in. I prefer DMB all the time & my kids like them too. Guess what’s going on my Christmas list? Well aside from the weekend getaway for which I demanded babysitting from our parents as our gift.

    And can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can read your blog from my cell phone?

    Miss you!

  2. I’m also a big music buff and listen to it all the time. I love Pandora because I can change the music to reflect my mood and learn about new, good artists in the process. I’ve heard Andrew Bird before, but it’s been a long time.

    And, like you, Katie Perry makes me want to barf on myself. And Nickelback. Yikes!

  3. The Guy has a deep appreciation for whistlers. He, like you, also has much better taste in music than I do. I’m definitely going to check out Andrew Bird!

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