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When I was 13, I was convinced if I had a little boy, I’d name him Noah Elias. Even at 18, I knew that his name would be Noah Elias. Of course, things changed. Matt thought if we named our kid Noah, he’d get punched in the face often. Can’t blame him, I suppose.

When I was 22 and pregnant with Claire, I was convinced that if she had been a boy, it would have been Luca Matthew.

When I was 23 and pregnant with Luca, I was still on the Luca Matthew fence. I just knew that that was the name my son had to have.

Even naming Claire. I knew in my heart her name was meant to be Claire Raelyn. No doubt.

Now, at 25 and pregnant with Baby Tres, I have no idea what, if it turns out to be a boy, his/her name should be. No clue. Not an idea. OK, so we have a girl name nailed down. First and middle. Sold. Took some time to decide on the middle name, but it came to me in the elevator at work one day and I immediately called Matt and all he said was, “Sold.”

Boy names? They’re so difficult. It’s almost painful. With girl names you can be creative. Fun, almost. But with boy names, you don’t want to be too creative, otherwise your kid will be the butt of every joke, beat up on a daily basis and constantly walking around with wedgies.

I was talking with our hospital Psychologist the other day and he was telling me about a study done regarding kids with ‘different’ names. The study showed that kids who have names far beyond the norm are more likely to have personality disorders and other psychological issues. As someone who’s name is Cassandre NOT Cassandra, I can totally understand. I LOVE my name. Love it. But as a kid would I have jumped at the chance to change it to Cassandra just so people would pronounce it correctly? Hecks yah. It’s stressful. It’s annoying. It’s utterly hopeless. I can tell people until I’m blue in the face that there is an E at the end of my name, not an A and they still say, “Oh, Cassandr-a. Nice.” I just shake my head.

At work, my name is Cathy. I’m always called Cathy. I can never win.

And I won’t even get started on the pronunciation of my last name. On a daily basis I hear my name pronounced as Cassandr-a Con-tee. That’s me.

So I can totally understand why people name their kids Jim, Jack, Mary and Beth. You really can’t screw that up.

But I don’t want to have my kid have the same name as ten other kids in his class. I loved the fact that I was the only Cassie in my grade. Hell, I was one of two Cassie’s in the entire school which was from 7th to 12th grade. I like being an individual, so to say.

So naming Claire and Luca what we did made sense to us. They are easy names to pronounce, yet not found on top 20 lists. I personally love old lady names. Ruth, Hazel, Stella, Alice…all great. Love ’em. (And no, we don’t plan on using any of these names for this baby. Although, if I had 10, I’d most definitely consider them.) Old lady names are the best. But boy names. Boy names. Sigh.

The only name Matt and I had agreed on was Nicholas. I wanted to spell it Nicolas and call him Nicco. He said he hated Nicco. He wanted just plain Nick. I told him I didn’t want a Nick or a Nicky. I went to school with 50 Nicks.

Back to square one.

So on the car ride home from his parent’s tonight I said, “Really? We don’t have one single boy name we can agree on?”

Matt: “I don’t think we even have a single boy name, period.”

Me: “Yes, you have a point…”

Matt: “I think we should just name the baby a sound like ‘Eeeyaaw.'”

Me: “Hmm…”

Matt: “Or the kids could name him?”

Me: “Claire, what would you name the baby?”

Claire: “Um, I like cheese-puff!”

Me: “OK…Luca? What do you like?”

Luca: “BONGO!”

Me: “Cheese-Puff Bongo. Hmm…”

Matt: “Actually, I think Bongo Cheese-Puff goes much better, don’t you think?”

Me: “I don’t want my kid’s nickname to be Bong.”

Matt: “Good point.”

Me: “Wait, why are we even thinking of nicknames?!? Bongo Cheese-Puff?!?”

Matt: “We’re desperate.”

Me: “That’s an understatement.”

I’m due in 12 weeks. To some, that’s a long time. To me, that’s practically next week. I hate looking at names online. I hate catchy boy names. I hate boy names that make my kid look like a weasel. I hate boy names in general. I hate this all together.

So Baby, listen. I know you know what you are, but I have not a clue. I like it better that way. HOWEVER. If you know what’s good for your Mommy’s sanity, you’d come out a girl. Matt and I both love the girl name. We’re sold on the girl name. The girl name clicks.

If you come out a boy, we’ll still love you the same, but please understand if your name ends up being Thor. I’m Norwegian, you know. It only makes sense.

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  1. What about Elias Noah? Elias is a great name. Just a thought.

    Old man names:

    Arthur, Ernest, Manford, Clarence, George, Winston, Wilfred, Frederick… oh, I could go on and on… Ha!

    I had both my boys names picked out at 13. I knew Ian had to be one, it’s unique and it’s just Scottish for John, but WAY more interesting than John. Gabriel was also another no brainer. My third choice was Oliver. Love that name. My girls’ names were Ingrid Alexandra (there’s my Norwegian pick) and since I was convinced Gabriel was a girl, it would have been Grace Marie (notice the GM and the middle name for, well, you know who). I still wish I could have used that last one – oh well! I love my boys 🙂

  2. I could have written this post! Mark and I had our girl name, first and middle, picked out as soon as I knew I was pregnant. I chose it, but he loved it. No arguing, no bickering. But the boy name? Oh woe is me. We went rounds and rounds and finally settled on one, but he wasn’t exactly content with it. Good thing we’re having a girl!

    And on your name, I totally understand. I go by my middle name, so I am frequently referred to by my first name (btw, I will never to that to a child of mine. They will be called by their first name). At work though, I am frequently referred to as Jennifer Rinaldo. Lovely huh?

    Good luck with your names! Something tells me that because the girl name for you guys is just perfect, the baby will end up being a girl 🙂

    • I’ve been feeling girl forever. But when I say that, of course, it’ll rebel and end up being a boy. Which I will love either. I mean, I already have one of each, but it’d be so hard to explain to Claire that the ‘she’ keeps on referring to is in fact a he. She’s so convinced that the baby is a girl.

  3. You can’t name a kid Noah… how many times would you find yourself saying, “No Noah, no no Noah!”?

    I feel you on the last names. You’ve seen mine… How many times to you think I was asked if I was related to someone whose FIRST name sounds like my LAST name? Not to mention the pronunciation issues.

    Bongo Cheese-Puff would be a great name. That kid would get invited to every party.

    All I can tell you about boy names is what I would use if I had the chance. I’d lobby to call my boy Travis. Nice, simple, masculine name. I took it after the protagonist in one of my all time favorite books, “Watchers” by Dean Koontz.

    Trav… Travlin Man… perfect for an active boy.

    And if you use it, you have to tell the boy it came from his Bluncle… (Blog Uncle)

  4. Bongo Cheesepuff FTW. If you end up not using that, can I have it for a children’s book?

    How DO you pronounce your last name?

  5. When I was born, my grandfater (the family practical joker) sent out a telegraph to all family members announcing that Roscoe Oscar was born.

    Feel free to steal it. I’m not using it.

  6. Logan. If I were to ever have children and have a boy, it would be Logan.
    Or if you want a common name but an incommon nickname, Gregory, nicknamed Rory.

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