How my day started

Worst sound in the whole world…(Click it. Otherwise this won’t make sense.)

That’s how my day started.

Right now, I have a pale faced kid with purple circles under her eyes talking my ear off about spiders, the baby and hockey.

It ended OK, but it started out horrible.

Croup is the absolute worst…but what’s even more scary than knowing she has it, it’s anticipating her waking up in the middle of the night to that sound again. I never want to hear it again. She’s already coughing, but it’s normal for now. She’s had her second dose of steroids and pretty soon she will bulk up like Arnold and “Pump *clap* you up!” Ah, yes. The silver lining.

But I also didn’t mention that Matt was out of town. And so in the pitch dark all I heard was nothing but a barking croup cough with stridor…my kid, gasping for breath and scared.

Stridor sucks, too. (Click that, too.)

I’m just thankful Matt’s flying over Kentucky as we speak so I won’t have to be alone if it happens again.


On another note, is it just me or was Max Talbot’s goal enough to make you weep with joy? It was pretty hot.

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  1. Oh, God…when Dr. Brandi was in med school, she did a peds rotation and ended up with the freaking croup. It was horrible.

    But on the bright side, both of us are far more sympathetic toward croup-y little kids now. Hope Claire feels better soon!

  2. I did not have to listen to the recording to be able to make sense of your post. Both of my kids had several bouts of croup when they were toddlers. Even more than high fevers, which they also both experienced, croup ordeals are indeliably seared in my brain. While I tend to forget many bad memories over time, just reading the word “croup” causes my breath to quicken and my adrenalin to surge. You have my deepest sympathy and respect for weathering the night alone. Also, on a different subject, props to you for taking the kids to the firehouse for a visit. Did I read too much into that visit as being a doubling down of your efforts to be a great mom to offer more experiences to your kids, re your post from a week or so ago?

  3. Oh Ms Claire. Did you take her in a steamy bathroom? Sometimes outside on a porch(bundled up) of course can help. You are a great mom Ms Cassie. It Is so frightening when your kids aren’t feeling well. Glad Matt is back to help. Take a nap!

  4. I read this post and thought, “OMG, I’m going to fail as a mother!” What does one do when your child starts that? Poor Claire!

  5. Regarding goals by one Mr. Talbot, I thought I was going to explode a couple games ago when he decided to recreate his second goal from game 7 of the Cup finals.

    Hope your baby’s OK.

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