How to keep your kid clean in the same clothes day in and day out

The girls who watch the kids at the gym daycare must think I neglect my child. Claire is going through her “I’m going to wear my Let’s Go Pens shirt every darn day because I’m 3 and I can,” phase.

It started about a month ago when she wore it all day, then begged to wear it to bed.


Me: Sure you can. We didn’t go anywhere, you kept it clean and you ate your dinner. Why not?

Claire: Yay!


Claire: I’m going to wear my Let’s Go Pens shirt to the gym today, OK, Mommy?

Me: Um…

Claire: I’ll be good today! I ate all my apples at breakfast, too! Pleeeeease?

Me: Sure.


Me: It has been 5 days. Your shirt is gross. No more.

Claire: I wear it to the gym!

Me: No. No, no, no, no, no.

Claire: Please?

Me: I need to wash it.

Claire: But it’s clean!

Me: This is getting ridiculous. It has yogurt on it from breakfast. Off with it.

Claire: No.

Me: Yes.

Claire: No.

Me: We’ve got a problem.


Matt: This has gone way too far. I’m doing laundry today and that shirt is going in.

Claire: No it’s not.

Matt: Oh, but it’s not up to you and no isn’t an option.

Claire: I wear it.

Matt: After I wash it, sure.

Claire: I. Want. My. LET’S GO PENS SHIRT.

Matt: Take it off now or I’m taking it off you and you’re not getting it back for a week.

Saturday Night

Me: I see you’re still wearing your Crosby shirt.

Claire: (Sounding completely devastated) Daddy washed it.

Me: You were beginning to mold.

Matt: And stink.

Claire: I’m wearing it to bed tonight.

Me and Matt: Sigh.


So here we are in the present day…we have a method. It’s sad. Ready?

Claire sleeps in the buff. Nothing but her, her undies and a smile.

When she wakes up, she goes down to the basement and retrieves her Crosby tee from the dryer.

Then she puts it on.

She wears it for a day or two and then the cycle continues.

At least it’s clean right?

So we made it pretty simple for us this Christmas: Claire is getting two more Penguins tees. This way, I don’t have to do so much damn laundry for an obsession.

In an attempt to make Claire a bit more girly, Matt had her watch a Tinkerbell movie on Disney Saturday night.

Let’s just say this: she won’t be joining any ballet classes any time soon. Rather, she’ll be wearing her red flame helmet that she wants from Santa while playing baseball, hockey, soccer and causing general mayhem.

I was a tomboy. I turned out OK, right?

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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with being a tomboy. I only played with boys growing up bc they were more fun. I still prefer to work with men over most women. I don’t play bitch games. . .well I can but I play for blood. 🙂

    I have lucked out on obsessive shirt syndrome so far. Laynie had a love for her frog rain boots until she ran the wheels off of them. And who can argue with rain boots? However louie has plenty of time to make up for it. And I have a feeling he will.

    I LOVE that she was pissed that he washed it – a 3 year olds equivalent of the playoff beard?

  2. I remember when Lila (of Clare and Lila fame) wanted to wear her favorite floral dress all the damn time. I swear, she wore it 6 out of 7 days a week.

    Gabriel is currently into wearing his new shirt and tie and he would like to wear it every day to school, so I see us buying a few more shirts and ties. What a formal guy. I hope he makes lots of money one day AND is happy doing it 🙂

  3. How long will it be before she starts tracking which shirt she wore when the Pens won? You’re going to have a little Mojo Girl…

    BTW, tomboys rock.

  4. At least she’s not cross checking other kids and dropping the gloves… yet.

  5. Much to my mother’s chagrin I was also a tomboy. I threw an ever loving fit over the forced bows and matching sister dresses. I fought to wear over sized t-shirts. I think it’s a good thing you don’t have a princess diva on your hands. 🙂

  6. Stick a few rhinestones on that helmet and let her go!

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