I put the Tom in tomboy

Claire isn’t a girly-girl. And I’m fine with that. If I wasn’t, I’d be a hypocrite.


Let’s see…

When I was 8 or 9, Mom took us to Washington DC. While looking at the Deceleration of Independence and actually caring, I was asked to move along. Rather, I was told, “Sir, please move along.”

I had a mullet. (NOT BY CHOICE.)

If a shirt was sized M or smaller, I wouldn’t wear it. I didn’t want to feel the clothing against my skin.

Hats were invented to hide mullets.

When Carly and I’d go to our Grandparents’ house, Carly would stay up with Grandma where she’d be cooking, sewing or playing Yahtzee. I’d go to the basement where my Grandpa would be building things with wood and making a mess.

I lasted a few weeks in dance class.

Hats not only hide mullets but look best backwards.

My best friends growing up were pretty much all guys. Case in point: Ian. My bestest buddy of a million years.

When Mom would dress us up in god awful early ’90s fashion, more specifically dresses, I’d complain the entire time. “MOOOOOOM, IT’S TOO ITCHY!!!”

Speaking of fashion, how much money do you think my Mom wasted by shopping for me at Limited Too? I’m sure I could have been put through college…twice.

I was the resident boy in the house when it was just us girls. I’d do the gross tasks and say “Cool,” the entire time. This came in handy, later in life, when our septic tank was full and/or backed up and all that great stuff ended back up into the house…on the floors. Bleach bath, anyone?


I could go on forever.

I became more girl-oriented around the time I got boobs. So that was around 14ish? Around the same time, I became a cheerleader (which I will attest to the fact that I wasn’t all that into it. You know, spirit fingers and such? I more or less liked watching the boys and the stunts that we got to do.) I dated boys. I got my hair highlighted. I think I even wore some makeup.

But you know what? I still wore sweatshirts and comfy pants to school. I hardly styled my hair but showered daily. I basically played the game of give and take. I looked normal, human, yet I didn’t invest in the latest perfume.

I’d run for fun and try to stay in shape. I’d bake my boyfriend cupcakes for his football games. I owned one dress…I think. I mainly relied on Carly for those things.

And here, today, I’m still the same. If I have to get dressed up for something, I call Carly. I still highlight my hair, but mostly because it makes me look like I care when I dry my hair or even leave it curly. I bake cupcakes for my kids and husband. I shower daily. I run for fun and sweat it out at the gym as often as I can. I like hockey. I own a few pairs of jeans, but when I’m lounging around the house, it’s a rule to wear comfy pants. Basic tees are what my wardrobe consists of. I’d never make it in the corporate world.

But I like being the girl. I like having the boobs. I like looking good in a dress.

I think I’ve always just been comfortable with who I am. I didn’t feel I needed to impress anyone or put on a show. I just got up, did my thing and lived each day to my liking.

I think that’s just how Claire is. And I’m perfectly fine with that.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I could have written this post! When mom went out of town dad would let me dress myself, which always meant oversized t-shirts and denim shorts. But I got a little more feminine post high school. Though I am still not a girly girl, nor do I think I ever will be.

  2. One of my favorite photos of you is hammering something in preparation for my high school graduation open house. You are so determined with your tongue sticking out in that photo – it’s so cute.

    I’m glad you have a girl who you can relate to. I think that’s so important that we can relate to our kids on some level. Gabriel is my mini-me and I love love love it.

  3. I am the girliest of the girly girls, and I always felt sort of ashamed of that. But the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized that either way is pretty awesome.

    Re. Jessica’s comment, when my parents let me dress myself, my outfit invariably involved a tutu.

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