Bragging rights: Claire edition

I have to do it. I don’t like to, but I have to.

I’m going to brag about my kids. More specifically, Claire. Here’s why:

Yesterday she had her first ever dentist appointment. First off, I wasn’t worried. She’s really a good kid. I mean, she’s so good that I sometimes wonder how in the hell she’s mine. So I knew that going to the dentist would be fun instead of scary.

Now, like any situation, she was quiet at first, but followed the directions to a T. When the dentist was finished counting her teeth and inspecting, he asked her, “So who’s that on your shirt?”

Claire got a huge grin on her face and said, “It’s CROSBY! He’s number 87! He’s my favorite! Did you know that he’s on a point streak? That means he’s really good and wins a lot of games. They play the Boo Flyers tonight. Did you know that? It’s pretty cool. Those Penguins are pretty cool. Daddy is going to be Fleury and Luca is going to be GoGo and Mama is always Brooks because that’s her FAVORITE!”

Dr. Griffin about fell over from laughing. Here, sitting in this giant dentist chair sat my tiny little peanut just jabbering away about the Penguins. I swear, she went from 0 to 60 in a matter of a few seconds.

She then stayed with Matt while he had his appointment and sat in a chair very quietly and listened very well. (From what I’m told because wiggle-man Luca and I went home. My patience is only so thick, you know.)

Today was not very well planned. I had an OB appointment and Luca had his 18 month check up right after. Again, I wasn’t too worried about Claire, as she’s a pretty good listener. At the OB she entertained Luca while Dr. Olson talked to me about my experience involving the vagina talking. I would hear her say, “Luca, sit here next to me! Wanna play with my race car?” And he stayed out of the way. It was almost magical.

This morning, when I first woke up, Claire told me that she had a great idea to make Luca feel better about the shot he had to get today. She thought that if she brought Alex the Alligator and made him laugh, he wouldn’t cry as bad and it wouldn’t hurt. So she had already put it in the diaper bag and told Luca she had a “brilliant plan” to make him happy.

When we got to the doctor’s office, she had Alex out and ready. However, when the nurse came in to give him his shot, she hid under the table. When it was over, she came out and said, “Luca! I make you feel better!” and started to give him kisses.

This is a normal day for me. Luca is a typical 18 month old. But he’s a good kid. He doesn’t freak out too much and is really good in the car on long trips. Claire isn’t your typical 3 year old, to me. She talks to me about things that are so insightful. She has an imagination like you wouldn’t believe and she loves to dance. She loves the baby in my belly more than anyone else in the world and always asks me how I’m feeling. My husband doesn’t even do that! If she sees someone crying on TV, she’ll say, “Why is she sad?” When I’m sad, she lays on my lap and just knows to be there for me. She’s already trying to teach Luca the ABC’s and how to pick out letters. Whatever she does, he does, good or bad. So when I gave her the speech as to why she shouldn’t do bad things because she sets the example for Luca, she has been more mindful.

Every day I go to the gym, the daycare ladies always, and I mean ALWAYS, tell me how good my kids are. And I smile and want to say, “I know,” but I say, “Thank you.”

I never want to be a judgmental Mom who thinks my kids are better than other kids, and I surely don’t, even if this sounds like I am. I am simply a Mom who is proud. I am proud that my kids are on a road to being good people. Good human beings. Good, kind, well intentioned children. Just plain good. And I can say that I have a lot to do with it. But it’s not just me or Matt or anyone else that spends their time with them. It can’t be just that.

However –

My father in law said to me last week after having babysat them, “You are blessed. You are really blessed.” And I said to him, “No, I’m just a damn fine Mom.” And my mother in law said, “Good answer.”

Parenting is part skill and part crap shoot. But I’ve found with my kids that the freedom/tight rein level is pretty much 50/50. I’m consistent with what I tell them not to do but I let them be them. I don’t think I over-parent.

When it was just Claire in the pre-Luca days, I was tough on her. Not too tough, though. I was consistent. And I know I’ve said this before, but when my MIL said to me I was too tough on her, I said, “When do you start to discipline, then? When it’s too late to fix them?” Claire’s always known what is right and wrong. Or at least, I’ve tried to make sure she does. Nothing’s perfect and no parent is perfect by ANY means, especially this one. But I know that with Claire I made plenty of mistakes that hopefully Luca and baby #3 will avoid. However, she’s an amazing role model. And I’m most proud to say that. She’s a good teacher to Luca.

So I’m going to take a moment to pat myself on the back. Bragging about your kid shouldn’t be a sin. It shouldn’t be over-done or used to rub in someone’s face, however. Sure, I don’t know that in 10 years she won’t be out doing wrong things and breaking laws, but, for right now, she’s good. And I can only hope and do my best as a parent to make sure she makes only good decisions. But we’re all human. We’re all meant to make mistakes. I just hope hers are just merely a bad tattoo and not an STD. Only time will tell.


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  1. Sweetie, Claire is you. Everything you wrote about Claire I could write about you when you were 3. Some day she’ll understand this, just as you do now. You were an amazing child, Cassie. And you are an amazing mother. I never knew I could raise such a daughter.

  2. She sounds like such an awesome kid. I’m constantly amazed about what kids think about and pick up at such young ages. You truly are blessed, not only to have amazing kids, but to be an amazing mom. Go Claire!

  3. She had more to say about the pens than I would have had to say about ANYTHING at 13. She sounds amazing, but I’m not really surprised. Because I know the mommy.

    But the thing is, you may be able to teach discipline, but empathy is tougher. She seems to have it right out of the shoot.

    Well done, my friend.

  4. That Claire is a winner (as is Luca).

    I know jack about parenting, but I think it’s so important to be consistent, even if that means being tough on them. One of the things I learned in my psychology classes in college is that kids respond really well to consistency and routine (even in cases where the environment is consistently unhealthy and dysfunctional, like if the parents are alcoholics or something). So that’s the one thing I know I’m going to try to do – be consistent with discipline and expectations for behavior.

    If only I had done that with Chihuahua…

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