Oh snap, I slept in.

In a house with a child-like husband, two inquisitive kids, two cats that play with anything on the floor and a dog that snores, it’s no wonder I wake up even before I should wake up.

Matt’s kind enough to get up with the kids on days he works so that I can sleep in. Sleeping in in our house consists of, “Mama. The clock says it’s time to get up,” at 7 AM. I once slept in until 8 when Claire was so enthralled with a game that she forgot that I wasn’t around.

Last night, after watching the Pens suck up the ice (but Crosby is still on his scoring streak) and reupholstering the nursery glider (which looks fab, I must say,) I went over today’s plans. We planned on going to the gym then going over to the Carnegie Science Center before the kids napped at 1. We were also going to throw in a trip to Trader Joe’s later on, because apparently it’s an emergency of mass proportions when we’re out of bread and milk. Matt just can’t live with out bread and milk.

We went to bed and at 5:45, Claire woke me up telling me her clock told her it was time to wake up. Now, her clock says a lot of things, but 5:45 is NOT time to get up. So I made her go pee and sent her back to bed. She knows that her clock hands have to both be at the very bottom (6:30) before she can tell us it’s time to get up. I’m not sure if she went back to sleep or not, but promptly at 6:30, she was awake again, telling us it was time to wake up. Her clock said so, you know.

After I started to struggle to sit up, Matt pushed me back down saying, “Sleep. I’ve got it.” Struggling to sit up is what I do best these days. It just comes with the territory. But being pushed back down and told to go back to sleep sounded like music to my ears.

About an hour later, I thought, I heard Claire say, “Luca! Wanna fish with me?” I rolled over and looked at the clock and rubbed my eyes. 8:50?!? 8:50?!? I should be at the gym right now, on a treadmill or elliptical! Not laying in bed! We had plans! Things to do! WTF!?

So instead of peeing as I usually do when I first wake up, I ran downstairs, found Matt sitting at the dining room table doing some work and I stared at him with my eyes bugging out of my head. He smiled and said, “Good! You slept!”

Me: 8:50!?! It’s 8:50!

Matt: Yes. Good time telling.

Me: I should be at the gym. We should be getting ready to go to the Science Center!

Matt: But clearly, your body was telling you that you needed to sleep. So you did. It’s good. Be happy!

Me: I should be. at. the. gym.

Matt: Stop it. You’re awake now. Get over it. You slept. It’s good.

Me: Sigh.

Now, I don’t mind sleeping. In fact, I love sleeping. I never used to, but having multiple kids in a short span of time really makes you appreciate the wonderfulness of sleeping. Sleep is awesome.

BUT. I had plans. Matt’s off for the whole week. I don’t get this kind of time with him and the kids. I HAD PLANS. Those plans didn’t involve me sleeping in. Sure, it felt effing awesome, I still didn’t mean to. But I sigh because I know it’s what I needed.

Sue me, I slept in. I just had to clear the cobwebs out of my brain and think. So I thought real hard while I was in the shower and figured I could just rearrange some stuff and I’d still get all my plans in.

Here’s what we did today:

At 10 we were at the Science Center where they were having a Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Hall of Fame exhibit. I think the Stanley Cup was there, but I’m pretty sure it was in the building next door, and we didn’t see it. BUT I did get to see and point out but not touch, because the cop behind me was scary, the Conn Smythe trophy. That was really neat.

At 12:30 we were driving home, full from lunch at the museum. The kids were nonstop motion the entire time and it proved true when they were both passed out in the car when we got home a little before 1.

The kids slept until 4:30ish. Matt even took a nap. I watched Grey’s Anatomy. (Don’t judge me.)

When the kids were up, we went to the gym and then to Trader Joe’s.

And when I got home from TJ’s, I made the most amazing Apple Pie in the history of apple pies. I’m talking monumental. I hate myself for how good it is. It should be illegal.

Love the apple pie.

Then I put together some of my Ikea buys. (Oh yah, we went to Ikea yesterday. That’s right.)

I got it all in. Sure, I lost an hour today, but I made up for it in spades.

Tomorrow’s plans? Make Luca’s comforter for his new room.



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  1. You are the most organized and engaged mother in the history of mothers.

    Please teach your methods to me before I have a Small Fry. I need it. Believe me. Jessica the Web Mistress actually had to say to me today, “You DO know you can’t raise the Small Fries entirely in the dressing rooms of theatres, right?”

    • Oh, but see, I’m NOT organized. That’s the funny part. I just have a routine. Every day M-Th we go to the gym. Every M-Th. We throw in other stuff as we see fit, but that remains. Plus the kids always nap between 12:30 and 1. That’s one thing Matt was insistent on, was putting the kids into a routine.

      And personally, I’d rather be raised in a theater dressing room than a daycare. I HATED daycare.

  2. Gah, the energy…
    There’s a clock on amazon that lights up when its okay for a kid to get up. In fact there are a few. I appreciate that your 3 year old can tell time better than my 14 year old, but every little trick helps.
    I’m coveting your apple pie & sad that I want to make it but will forget about it before I have the time to do it.

    • I actually knew that! A friend of a friend invented the first one that sold millions. It’s a night light that starts as a moon and when it’s OK to get up it turns into a Sun. Ingenious, right?!

      That apple pie was amazing. I have no other words. You just have to have 3 hours to dedicate to it, essentially. A lot of work for a pie.

      Oh, and my husband says it’s not sugary enough. I like mine more tart, and that’s what this one is.

  3. Geez, never regret the sleep. You need it!

    I make it my policy never to complain about any pie of which I get to have some. That said, tart is good. I like tart.

    Go Pens.

    • I love pie. Except for pecan and peach. Ick on both accounts. And things with seeds. OK, so I guess I’m actually very picky about pie. Cherry and Apple are about it, I guess. Gosh, I’m lame.

  4. I think you’re husband is right. You, and more importantly, your baby needed the extra sleep. Actually, the same thing happened to me this morning but my husband was keeping the animals off the bed instead of kiddos so I could catch some extra Z’s. 🙂

    I’m off work this week too, so we’re enjoying some much needed down and fun time together. Glad to hear you guys are having a great time!

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