I need a hobby

That’s what people tell me. They say, “3 kids in 4 years?!? You need a hobby.”

Then I got fed up with paying high prices for things I like. I like a more modern, funky style and of course, that comes with a modern, funky price tag. If I liked more traditional or country styles, I could shop anywhere and pay half the price.

So I figured with the thousands of hours I’ve logged in watching HGTV and Trading Spaces, I could totally sew.

And wasn’t I amazed to find out that I could?!

Because I could!

I started simple, making pillows for the house. Then I decided I could make curtains. That turned into the great duvet cover adventure, involving 6 yards of fabric and lots and lots of swearing. I don’t have a photo of it, since my phone won’t let me forward it to myself, BUT, I can tell you it’s awesome. You’ll just have to trust me on that. I also made those beanbag chairs for the kids. What a success that was, can I just say that? The kids love it and I made it to their liking.

I then decided that Luca’s new room needed something special. And what’s more special than IKEA fabric? Yup, that’s right. IKEA fabric. The happiest place on Earth.

Now, keep in mind, these pictures are rough. His room is in phase 2 of 4 phases. Phase 1 consisted of actually cleaning out the room and making it walkable. Phase 2 is put the few things we have together, together. Phase 3 will consist of having the dresser I ordered put together and the canvases I ordered painted on and put up. Phase 4 will include Luca moving in.

Phase 3 will be the coolest.

I’ll update more when his room is done, but for now, I’m pretty pleased.

Next project will be a baby blanket for a certain reader who is AWESOME. I’m just having a hard time deciding if I should use plain fleece or minky dot … decisions, decisions. And also, is there such a thing as too much pink?

Inquiring minds need to know.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Luca’s gonna love this!! Finding a brick door stop will be my challenge, however.

  2. Funny, my nursery phases consist of nearly the same steps. We are in phase 1: clean everything out so we can install new carpet on Tuesday! I love that fabric in his room, btw.

    And I’m sooooo excited about the blanket! I think there is such a thing as too much pink… just not on baby girls. 😉

  3. Personally, I think your hobby ROCKS because it’s mine too! I love hearing about all your crafty endeavors. You inspire me!

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