Raffi is the shit

Tonight after a tantrum over a certain let’s go pens shirt, Claire got both that and her treat taken away. In an effort to still keep the peace in the house, I made a bowl of cut apples and bananas.

While sitting on the couch eating them, I started to sing “Apples and Bananas,” by Raffi. Matt looked at me confused.

So imagine if you will, me, his severely pregnant wife singing, “I like to oot, oot, oot, ooples and ba-noo-noos!” and trying to keep a straight face. It just wasn’t happening.

So then I had to prove my point by playing it on youtube. The kids were in a zone. Raffi has that effect on kids. Good thing I know he’s a good guy and not some perv.

Now, Matt knows who Raffi is, but only because of the three disc collection we have for Claire that my Mom bought. However, she bought it more for me and Carly than anything. We love Raffi. Even at 26 and 27 respectively.

Let’s see:

As a child, I thought Raffi resembled my step dad, Joe. Now, I think he has a striking resemblance to a certain Bluz Dude. (Except for the fact that Bluz isn’t Egyptian nor Canadian.)

Raffi is the shit.

Even the Olson twins danced to him. That’s saying something. Remember that episode of Full House where Michelle plays “Baby Beluga” all day on her little tape player? I do!

“Any kid from our generation who didn’t get to grow up listening to Raffi was seriously deprived. It’s not just my opinion, but a matter of fact. He sings about a baby beluga whale, apples and bananas, going to the zoo, and even being down by the bay. He makes me happy and proud to be a kid. Raffi is the shit.”

Matt just sort of stared at me and said, “Well, I was seriously deprived, then.”

“…I mean, James Taylor wasn’t far off with Jelly Man Kelly, but….he’s no Raffi. At least for kids.”


“And sure, eventually Raffi was replaced by New Kids on the Block…”


“Yah. I love Raffi.”

So here we are, in 2011, and my kids are dancing to Raffi as we speak.

At least they won’t be seriously deprived.

Now you won’t be, either.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. But when does Raffi bust into a 5-bar guitar solo? If he’s gonna look like the Bluz then he’s got to PLAY the blues.

    Back when I worked in one of my record stores, we had a running joke about Raffi, or “Fuckin’ Raffi” as we always called him. We figured that after playing children’s songs all day, he’d retreat to his Man Cave (or Man Tour Bus), get coked out of his mind, snort Jack Daniels through a guitar neck and bang cocktail waitresses two at a time.

    Y’know… because guys have needs… that aren’t fulfilled by singing The Banana Song.

    But I’m glad it works for you… =o)# <– Raffi

  2. I STILL sing Baby Beluga to Mark and he looks at me like I’m crazy. You are the only other person (besides my sisters and family) who seems to know who he is! Love Raffi!

  3. I was seriously deprived too, because this is the first I’m hearing of this Raffi person, though he sounds quite awesome.

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