the thermostat and the Penguins

Last night, as Matt and I laid in bed, he was complaining our room was cold. Now, our room is always cold. It has wood floors and cathedral ceilings. I’d have to keep the thermostat at 90 just for it to feel 70. It’s a big room and our closet is huge and has no doors, with equally high ceilings.

So needless to say, this is a comment I hear from him often.

Our conversation goes as follows:

Matt: “What do you have the thermostat set at? Lemieux?”

Cassie: “Yes. And do you have an issue with that? We’re sleeping.”

Matt: “If I had it my way, we’d have it set at Jagr.”

Cassie: “But we all know I don’t like Jagr.”

Matt: “Yes, you liked Straka. But that’d be too hot.”

Cassie: “If you had it your way, you’d have it set to Malkin.”

Matt: “That seems like a good temp…”

Cassie: “And if money grew on trees, we’d be just fine.”

Matt: “At least I don’t set it Crosby.”

Cassie: “I’d love to see that bill. I should just ask some of my old patients. I’m sure they like it hot like South Florida in their houses.”

Matt: “That’d be ridiculous. I’d pass out.”

Cassie: “Word.”

Matt: “Night.”

Cassie: “Night.”

For those of you who have no idea what just went on, let me translate:

Mario Lemieux: (The greatest hockey player to ever live and is hot to boot) #66

Jaromir Jagr: #68

Marty Straka: #82

Evgeni Malkin: #71

Sidney Crosby: #87

I swear, we’re normal people. Totally normal.

I swear.

(Mario Lemieux. HOT.)


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh, lemieux…I fell in love before I knew what boys really were and he can still get me all twitterpated! (I wasn’t putting together the numbers and was getting disgruntled that he was the bottom of those “rankings!” Ha!)

  2. OK, this goes to one of my theories regarding men and women:

    Women: Will wear flannel PJ pants, a sweatshirt, socks, etc., around the house in order to keep the thermostat at 67, thus saving money.

    Men: Want to walk around in their boxer shorts in the dead of winter and be totally comfortable indoors.

    This was true of every man I ever dated, up to and including The Guy. What the hell?!

  3. Cassie,
    I totally got that. I use Pens and Steelers jersey numbers as a mnemonic device to remember anything numerical… telephone extensions, license plates, etc.

    Mrs Bachelor Girl,
    I’m an exception to your rule… I’m the one that takes your viewpoint on this one… Pinky is always complaining about being cold in the winter time, as she walks around wearing a T-shirt and no pants. I’m totally comfortable in my T-shirt, sweatshirt and sweat pants. Under a blanket. With the thermostat set at a cave-like Jagr. (Which produces an actual temp of Lemieux.)

    I don’t see now someone can be cold in bed… especially if there’s someone else in there with them. Between the blankets and the trapped body heat, I’m almost always hot at night, so the room has to be cooler than normal.

    • My husband does that with my work extension. It changes every shift, since they just hand me a phone, and so he’ll use Michael Jordan a lot.

      And really! We only have a down comforter for our ‘sheets’ and that’s plenty for us. I think Matt just likes to complain. Because shortly there after, he’s complaining that his boys are sweaty.

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