It’s almost over!

Yesterday I over did it. Seems that’s a common turn of phrase I’ve been using lately. I don’t know what my issue is, but I just want to have everything done NOW. I’ve always been like that, just lately, because I’m told I can’t, I do. Gosh I hate myself.

I decided that since Luca’s new dresser came, I could totally put it together by myself. 35 weeks pregnant. Because I’m just like that. So I did.

2 1/2 hours later of nonstop – except to pee twice – action, I finished. I only yelled at the kids once. I was pretty impressed with myself.

Then I stood up.

And I hated myself.

What in holy hell did I do to my butt? I think I broke it. When you’re pregnant, your sacral-illiac joint beings to relax and separate. As time goes on, it gets more and more lax and more and more sore. I never noticed this with my first pregnancy, and I think I may have complained about it a few times the second go-around, but this is horrible. I completely brought it upon myself, but there it is. I suck.

So I did what any normal, level-headed person would do, I put the kids down for their nap and laid on the couch and babied myself. But then, even still sore, got up a few hours later and made dinner, did this, a little that, some more of this and a whole lot more of that, and by the time Matt got home from work I was near tears.

This morning, I woke up at 9. NINE! I had no intention of sleeping until 9, but there you have it. Matt made sure of it, by putting Luca’s room darkening curtain in our window so I still thought it was midnight. But the kids don’t usually sound happy at midnight, so when I heard happy shrieks and Luca’s Tonka trucks being pushed on the floor, I knew it wasn’t so. NINE.

For that, I am grateful.

So I forwent the gym today and am still in my pj’s but I was productive! I decided it was time to finish Luca’s room.

It’s still messy and not quite complete yet…but here you go:

The Penguins logo by the light switch was from Luca’s hospital crib. Since he was born during the Stanley Cup playoffs, that was what they used for names. How original! So I mounted it on cardboard. I had extra duvet fabric, so I mounted that on cardboard as well and had these cute prints from Ikea that I never used, so that, too, got mounted on cardboard. (Gosh, you buy a dresser and have ample amounts of cardboard lying around.) I also am going to frame his foot prints from the L&D room. I’m such a Mom.

His duvet cover I made with love and the leaf canopy is something I’d have killed for as a kid. He’s so dang lucky, that little man. Also, the canvas on the walls are his original paintings that he made today. I won’t even begin to say how proud I am of him, because, well, it’s pretty obvious at this point.

The canvas on the wall, again, was painted by Luca and is my favorite. The toybox was made by my Grandpa and at almost 80, I think that’s pretty damn impressive. He got it for his first birthday back in May. The kids, of course, are goofing off with a football on a ladder. Because why can’t they just play in the middle of the empty room? Gotta make life more interesting.

Here’s an closer shot of Luca’s painting, and my favorite. Anyone who says that isn’t art can bite me. I get confused at why a blank canvas at the Carnegie Art Museum is considered art. A 19month old with a fist of fury sounds like art to me.

Here’s his other one.

And another.

So. There ya have it. Luca’s big boy room. Clearly, I’m not into the traditional Thomas the Train or Diego themes. I like it to be something everyone in the house can enjoy since I spend a lot of time in it, too. Claire’s room, over the years, has started to conform to her and her likes and that’s good. She has her flowers and sun and birds mural painted on her wall still and butterflies and pictures of the pets and herself and a black cat. She likes those things. She also has her own original paintings. I think it’s something that both my kids will appreciate when they get older. Of course, I’ll make sure to keep some for myself, but it’s something that they can have hang in their houses forever.

I try to raise my kids to be cool in their own ways. I think that by letting them express themselves through art is most important. Words are hard to come by and hitting or any form of violence (as we’re a no spanking house) is forbidden, so when they’re mad, sad, happy or indifferent, why not color? Paint? Draw?

But that’s just me.

Lastly, I want this:

The way I see it, if I’m pushing a tiny human out of me, I deserve it. Right?


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  1. Our guest bedroom is painted exactly like Luca’s room, complete with the two different tones of gray! And the new carpet in there looks suspiciously like yours too. Great minds right?

    Also, I have been doing the same thing. We had to move furniture out and into three rooms for carpet replacement. Not satisfied that it was going fast enough I lugged some things that I probably shouldn’t have and my back is not forgiving me in the least.

    Also, I’m exhausted. I’m ready to have this kiddo and snuggle her in bed for a week or so.

  2. It’s actually only one color of grey. I love grey. When we first moved in our house, I had every room a different color, bold. Now, I’m finding that I’m going more into the neutrals so that I can use paintings and fabrics to accent. I’m lame.

    Hang in there. It’ll all be over soon. 9 months doesn’t seem like a long time, but it sure is when you’re waiting for your whole life to change.

  3. 1. You are incorrigible.

    2. You are also a hell of an interior decorator. I love Luca’s room and sort of wish it was my room, especially the little mesh thingie to keep me from falling out of bed.

  4. You are such a Mom. And a great one. Look at you, sacrificing your butt for your kids dresser.

    Seriously, you should put Luca’s art in Lawrenceville’s Art All Night. Then, he can come and see it up on the boards with all the other art. Love the quarter canvasses!

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