Here, there and everywhere!

1. Apparently I’m a “Flexitarian.” News to me. I always thought I was just picky. It’s no surprise to many, I’m not a huge fan of meat. I eat chicken and some turkey and sometimes fish. That’s it. I stopped eating red meat and pork when I was a kid, maybe 10 or 12 or something, because I read an article in Muse Magazine that had this horrific painting depicting a slaughter house. I can still see it in my head and it will forever remain there. I was never a big cow and pig eater to begin with. I never liked the saltiness of bacon or ham and I don’t think in my entire life have I ever eaten a steak. Mom never really cooked the stuff due to her blood pressure and sodium content (or at least that’s how I remember it) and so I never really missed it.

But don’t worry. Matt loves himself a good steak. And he eats them medium-rare. Double ick. If he requests a pot roast for dinner, I’ll cook it, but the kids don’t eat it. A few weeks ago, while my in-laws were watching the kids, they ordered pizza. Of course, they got pepperoni on it, and Matt and I paid for it the next day, especially with Luca (being as he’s still in diapers.) That deserves a triple ick. Claire and Luca’s bodies just didn’t really know what to do with that stuff and so we got to have all the fun the next day. Yes!

We only have maybe 3 meat meals a week. Matt’s OK with that as long as we have some. Plus he’s Italian, so pasta dinners are fine for him. He claims I’m trying to turn him into a vegetarian, but I won’t ever stop eating chicken, so he’s safe.

2. Luca is officially mine! Today I made my last payment on him to the hospital, so I suppose I can keep him.

See – when I had Claire, I was on a fancy HMO. I never once saw a bill and had no clue as to how expensive it was to actually have a baby. I mean, labor out a baby. Sure, babies are expensive, but damn.

I found out real quick when I had Luca. I was on a PPO then. Luca cost my insurance 17,000 dollars, and myself 1,000. I also had to pay for his pediatrician visits in the hospital, my blood work, my OB and the epidural. Most of it absorbed with insurance, but not all of it. At the time, sure, we had the money up front to pay for it, but when you can arrange for it to be spread out over 2 years with no interest, why not go for it? So today, I sent in my last payment and now I like him a little bit more.

All I have to say is thank the Lord I switched us back over to the HMO before this baby is born. Sucks to them – after I go back to work, I’m cutting my insurance and going on Matt’s. Pay for that, you bastards.

3. After further investigation, I guess I’m a Pollotarian. Fancy that.

4. I saw my OB yesterday where I’ve started the ever so fun internal exams. Woo. The good sign is that I’m almost done, then. And just like last pregnancy, my doctor has to go around the baby’s head to find anything. Can’t say I wasn’t warned. And FYI, nothing’s happening. Looks like this will in fact be a February baby!

5. I’m due in 28 days, not that I’m counting or anything.

6. I’ve noticed I do a lot of body comparisons at the gym. Is that wrong? I look at other women’s bodies and try to imagine what I used to look like before I had a beach ball under my shirt. Today, I think I found my perfect body match! Plus she was cute to boot. So I hope she keeps up going to the gym for the next 6 months or so, and at the same time, so I have a gauge as to how I’m going to look again. Old pictures just don’t cut it.

After a while, I kind of forget what I used to look like. I mean, it’s only natural to get used to seeing my belly huge, but there are some mornings where I wake up and forget I’m pregnant. I feel just that good this go-around. Then I pull back the covers and realize that it wasn’t a pillow on my stomach!

7. I can’t wait for this baby. I super duper can’t wait. I mean, I’m so annoyingly excited that when I talk about how excited I am, I instantly see Matt’s eyes glaze over. He’s excited, too, but I talk about it a lot. To the point that I think it’s all we talk about. Our conversations consist of:


*The baby

*Our annoyance with everyone talking like New England already won the game vs. the Jets.

*The baby

*Silly things the kids did during the day

*The baby

*His work

*And the baby



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  1. Sounds exactly like our conversations, except the whole hockey thing. Substitute that for my work and the Saints for New England and we’re right there. Oh, and all the weird crap going on with my body.

    Also, I forget sometimes too and then see an old photo of myself and am like, “oh yea, wow. I have gained some weight!”

    Like you, I’m so excited for her to get here and I’m also so ready to start getting back into fighting shape.

    28 more days! Yay!

  2. You should make sure you save the bills, so one day you can show Luca and claim you got him from the store. The first time he says, “you’re not the boss of me,” you can prove otherwise. Bought and paid for!

    Are you sure you don’t want to call the baby Sidney? I bet Claire would love that. I remember before my nephew, Daniel, was born, there was a great debate regarding his name. His mom, being a lifelong Orioles fan would have definitely named him Brooks, after Brooks Robinson. But they’d already named the cat, Brooks. My brother suggested “Franco Lynn” and “Rocky Terry” but it didn’t get any play.

    • You know, Bluz, we did consider naming the baby Sidney or something along those lines, but we both agreed that it may be pushing our dedication to a new level. For a while Brooks and Maxime were on the table, but we have narrowed it down to just one boy name. And while I’m convinced this is a girl, I’ll be almost pissed if it isn’t a boy simply because it took us forever, and I mean FOREVER to pick a boy name.

  3. It’s OK. The Guy and I talk about the Small Fries at least once a day, and they’re completely imaginary at this point.

    That’s kind of sick, isn’t it?

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