Working on a game day

Yesterday was a good day for Pittsburgh sports. The Pens pulled off a nice victory over Boston with Staal making yet another goal while Malkin watched in awe. I love Geno, don’t get me wrong, but he needs to start scoring some points here. As I’ve mentioned before, while yes, he makes as much as Crosby, we don’t expect him to be as good as him. Just in the same ball park. Or city. Or country. Gosh. Crosby is the best player in the NHL. Malkin isn’t. But he isn’t even close anymore. Not even in contender range.

OK, rant over.

When the Steelers game came on, I had my game face on. I’m not a football fan, and the only reason I’m glad the Steelers won was because I have hometown pride. But that’s it. I root for the Pirates, even if it IS in vain.

I had my game face on because when you do simple math as such:

sick people + stressful, rivalry football games = high blood pressure, chest pain, increased risk of stroke, palpitations, and blurry vision.

In a nurse’s world, this equates to: be on your god damned toes because someone’s gonna die.

At 4:30 when the game began I stood at the triangle of the floor where you could see down all three hallways. Not a single call light was on, cheering and roaring from the TVs could be heard and all was right with the world.

Then the game began.

Ouch. I never really watched the game, but if the creative swearing that was coming out of the one patient’s rooms was any indication, they weren’t doing so hot.

When I was ensured that all my patients were happily (or not happily, since we were sucking) watching the game, I sat down to chart. Everyone else was scattered about in rooms that had the game on, so I listened for the phones to ring.


“5B, Cassie.”

“Hey Cass, it’s Shan, just letting you know I’m going to call a code back here,” she said in such a calm tone.

“Oh, OK!” I said equally calm.

I hung up, smiled and then blinked… oh shit. That means I have to get moving!

Me and my pregnant butt pushed the crash cart all the way down to the end of the hall and started doing all the code like things: putting on the monitor, taking the BP, getting oxygen saturations, blah blah blah.

The code team came in and we all sat back and answered their questions.

The lady, who is normally boisterous, loud, funny and all around fun (one of my favorite patients to date) was staring at me, lost. She said in a soft slurred manner, “You. Look. Familiar.”

She knew who I was. But at that time, had no clue. That worried the crap out of me. And I told the doctors so. Shannon and I kept on saying how this wasn’t like her. This wasn’t our funny, free spirited lady. Something was wrong.

As she started to come around back to normal, she started complaining about Roethlisberger and how she could do a better job than him. That’s when the doctor joked, “Well if you can say Roethlisberger, I think you’re just fine.”

Only in Pittsburgh.

In short, she’s OK. I hope. I mean, when I left she was normal-like. So who knows. Personally, I thought a simple head scan would be a bit more thorough than neuro checks every hour, but hey, I’m just the LPN.

All in all, I’m glad they won. And I hope the Jets win tonight. That Sanchez is an alright guy. If you haven’t heard, this is why I say that: CLICK ME!

Tom Brady just has too much hair.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I’m glad they don’t use the ability to say “Roethlisberger” as a neuro check in hospitals around here, because I would fail.

  2. Thank God they won! Otherwise you would have had to hustle your pregnant butt to every room!

  3. And nobody got to yell, “Clear!”

    And why’d you have to link to that Sanchez article. Now it won’t be nearly as satisfying to see him go down like it was Brady.

  4. At least they didn’t make her spell it.

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